Paragis tea benefits and side effects.

How to make PARAGIS TEA?

No wonder this paragis grass of a herb went viral all over the social media. With its endless health benefits, it is truly God’s gift to mankind. We can find this weed almost everywhere throughout the Philippines and mostly in warm countries. This grass is widely spread along river banks, settled areas and even along roads! And because of our ignorance about the abundance of its uses, it is normally ignored by many.

Many people have testified about how amazing and effective this grass is in treating common and severe illnesses. Now, we present to you the reasons behind the buzz.

What are the Health Benefits of Paragis?

#Paragis is widely used in Africa as an alternative medicine to different kinds of illnesses.
Aeta people from Porac, Pampanga used burnt dried leaves of Paragis as a repellent against insects.
Leaves of Paragis contain silicon monoxide, calcium oxide, and chlorine.
Dried leaves contain protein.
Many declared it to be anti-inflammatory, a natural antihistamine, a natural diuretic, antidiabetic, an effective anti-oxidant and has cytotoxic properties.

Parts of Paragis that Can Be Used as a Herbal Medicine


Drinking boiled leaves of Paragis or making a Paragis Tea will ease several pains and illnesses. You can also patch the minced or pulverized leaves on some conditions.

Boil the stem with leaves to achieve more effective results

Drinking boiled roots can also cure several illnesses.

Health Conditions That Can Be Cured by Paragis

Paragis tea benefits and side effects

Health benefits of paragis tea

Because of this plant’s antioxidant properties, this can lower the risk of growing cancer cell in your body.

#Ovarian Cyst and Myoma
Patients with ovarian cyst conditions have proven that drinking Paragis tea in a daily basis has made the cyst completely disappear.

#Paragis benefits for fertility
Paragis boost ovulation, restores menstruation, detoxes the womb, removes odour, cures candidiasis, boost sperm count and treats erectile dysfunction.

#Is Paragis good for PCOS
Yes. Paragis regulates the female hormones and modulates or relieves the symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

#Kidney Problems
Paragis is a natural diuretic which increases the amount of water in our body and expels salt as urine. Paragis is good for the kidneys, it can soften already kidney stones and prevents its formation.

Paragis tea benefits and side effects
Paragis tea

Heat pounded leaves mixed with scraped coconut. Patch and bandage on the affected area.

Drink Paragis tea regularly and say goodbye to diabetes.Is Paragis good for diabetics? lowers blood sugar and prevent diabetic complications like leg ulcers.

Apply decoction to wound to stop the bleeding.

Paragis is a strong laxative that can flush out worms and parasites from your stomach.

#Urinary Tract Infection
You may stop taking antibiotics and start drinking boiled leaves to immediately cure UTI

Lower the risk of high blood pressure by drinking boiled leaves and stems of Paragis.

You won’t be needing any medication to reduce your temperature. Just drink boiled roots of Paragis for faster and more effective results.

#Sprain (Pilay)
To have an instant relief from a sprain, patch some minced leaves on the affected area.

#Paragis for menstruation
Paragis is ideal for women with heavy menstruation….it is relieves menstrual cramps and restores menstruation.

Reduce the appearance of dandruff. Mix minced leaves and stems with coconut oil. Use it as a shampoo and gently massage it on your scalp. It can also stop hair fall and help your hair grow back to its original thickness.

This is a type of gastroenteritis that results in diarrhea with blood. Drink boiled roots of Paragis to ease this alarming condition.

Can I drink Paragis tea everyday

Not everyday please. Give space in between. Taking paragis tea everday is no good.

#Other Illnesses that Can Be Cured By Paragis:
Bladder Disorders
Liver Problems
Infertility in Women

Side effects of paragis tea

Acute tubular necrosis….


Abdominal pains


Paragis safe for pregnant women?

No. If you are pregnant, avoid paragis. It could cause miscarriage.


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