Can you have a baby with varicocele without surgery? Can a man with varicocele get a woman pregnant?

Varicocele is the tortuosity, dilatation and engorgement of the veins that drains blood away from the testes… because of the varicosity, the scrotum becomes itchy and begins to feel like a bag of worms when touched…

Can you have a baby with varicocele without surgery?
Can you have a baby with varicocele without surgery? Yes but not 100percent

Now, because varicocele warms up the testes, it reduces the ability of the testes to produce sperm especially enough healthy ones…the man now finds it difficult NOT impossible to impregnate a woman.

Many men that come to the hospital outpatient clinic with varicocele usually come with complaints of infertility or low sperm count. It is not uncommon to see men with varicocele come with seminal fluid analysis result of azoospermia or deformed spermatozoa.

5 silent signs of Varicocele!
👉🏻 Swollen Scrotum.
👉🏻 Dilated veins in the Scrotum.
👉🏻 Differently sized Testicles.
👉🏻 Male Infertility.

Now to your question:

Can you have a baby with varicocele without surgery?

It is not all the men with varicocele that will come down with male infertility and azoospermia…no not all. This is because some varicocele can co-exist with fertility even without surgery. So, it is possible for men with varicocele to be able to impregnate a woman and have a baby with surgery if the spermatozoa are ok from routine tests.

Men with grade 1 varicocele are more likely to have a baby without surgery (not always the case)….grade 2 and grade 3 varicocele are mostly associated with infertility and low down count, volume, bad sperm shape and motility…. they require surgery to treat for sure.

Varicocelectomy or ligation of varicoceles is one of the effective treatment options for infertility due to varicoceles.

Leaving varicocele unaddressed can lead to reduced sperm quality and low sperm count which can overtime cause infertility. With safe and proven non-surgical treatment options, you can get rid of varicocele without any pain with the help of medical experts

It is important you do both a scrotal Doppler and an abdominal scan if you have varicocele…. Persons with varicocele may have testicular tumour or a renal tumour. Just check.

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