How much ibuprofen should I take to stop Depo bleeding?

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“Am experiencing irregular bleeding for 1 month due to Depo-Provera’s side effects, which is affecting my ability to engage in intercourse with my spouse what can I do and which other contraceptive can I take?”

My reply:

Management depends on the number of days the bleeding has lasted and also how heavy the flow is. If the bleeding has lasted for more then 7 days and it’s quite heavy, advise should be given to the client to go to the nearest hospital for management of the condition.

How much ibuprofen should I take to stop Depo bleeding?
Ibuprofen for depo provera bleeding

However, if the bleeding is not heavy and there are no signs of anemia, you start the client on ibuprofen 800mg tds given for 3-5 days. This should only be recommended after ruling out hypertension and gastric conditions such as ulcers, GERD etc.

Please add Omeprazole to protect your stomach lining against stomach insult and subsequent ulcer.

The most important advice before anything is to go to the nearest health facility to see a qualified Clinician, preferably fertility Doctor or OBG(Obestetrician/Gynaecologist) Or any trained to manage these conditions so ther make accurate diagnosis and get the best treatment options for you.

NB: You can’t find proper help on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc or make decisions based on some comments on a post.

Getting advice on Facebook or Google is very dangerous…..see a doctor today.


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