Brazil nuts benefits for female fertility

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The relationship between food and fertility is strongly related. Reason you’re advised to eat right and healthy when trying to conceive. Determining what foods that will help increase chances of conceiving may prove hard. However, there are certain foods that can assist with that. It may seem like folklore, but nuts have been linked to conception and fertility.

There are various types of nuts, all of which have shown potential nutritional benefits for fertility. They are good sources of fertility-boosting nutrients like: Magnesium, Vitamin E, Omega-3s and Selenium. Nuts are also good sources of plant-based proteins.

Brazil nuts benefits for female fertility
Brazil nuts is good for female fertility especially ovulation

Brazil nuts are one of the top 5 nuts good for fertility. Other top fertility boosting nuts include: walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and cashews. For the purpose of this article, our aim will be on benefits of brazil nuts for fertility.

But first;

What are the Nutritional Benefits of Brazil Nuts?

Brazil nuts is highly rich in selenium, a mineral that aids conception. Selenium is an essential trace element that play huge roles in reproduction and DNA synthesis. Among other things, brazil nuts can also boost your immunity by protecting you from infections and oxidative damage, as well as keep your thyroid health in check. They are also good for sperm health and motility.

Brazil nuts are also rich in essential fatty acids and proteins. Fertility experts say addition of brazil nuts as part of your diet will help improve your overall health. Thus, increase your chances of conceiving.

Brazil Nuts Benefits for Fertility

The following are brazil nuts benefits for female fertility:

Brazil nuts can help thicken your uterine wall lining, which aids implantation.

Selenium can also increase your fertility levels by acting as an anticoagulant. An anticoagulant can help increase blood flow to your ovaries and uterus, thereby, prevent blood clotting and clogging.

Selenium also acts an antioxidant that help reduce free radicals in the body, capable of causing damage. By so doing, a healthy environment is created for the foetus (developing egg).

How many Brazil Nuts should I Consume to Increase Fertility?

For conception to occur, implantation (attachment of a fertilized ovum or egg to the uterine lining) must have taken place already. It takes a fertilized egg, about a week after ovulation to get implanted into the uterine lining. Therefore, eating 2-3 brazil nuts daily, from the first day of ovulation till 10 days after will help enhance fertility and conception.

How Safe is Brazil Nuts for Consumption?

Please note that brazil nuts must be consumed or eaten raw and fresh. It shouldn’t be cooked or roasted. Since brazil nuts are selenium-dense, eating more than two brazil nuts daily can lead to selenium toxicity. It can cause gastrointestinal problems, hair loss and more. Hence, you shouldn’t consume more than two brazil nuts daily.


Brazil nuts isn’t a magic snack, that will get you pregnant overnight. However, with frequent consumption in moderation, it will make you more likely to get pregnant. You should also take into consideration your lifestyle choices, when trying to conceive. Avoid smoking, drinking, exercise more, avoid stress, and sleep well.

Did consumption of brazil nuts aid conception for you? Kindly share your experience(s) in the comment section, we would love to hear all of it.


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