Benefits of banana and milk…Does banana and milk increase sperm count?

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Bananas and milk are a perfect combination to improve your health. They are great sources of protein and carbs, which can be great if you want to gain lean muscle or lose weight.

Bananas and milk make a great addition to your diets. Regular consumption can serve as nutritional supplement, and help increase your nutritional intake of vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional value of Banana and Milk

Bananas and milk make a highly nutritious drink. They are both rich in several essential nutrients. Bananas are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. They are loaded with potassium, fiber, manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C and more.

Milk, on the other hand is a great source of calcium, protein, potassium, phosphorus and B vitamins.

To enjoy, you can make a milkshake out of these ingredients or add as a recipe to your smoothie. Fantastic! I tell you. Not only do they enhance post-workout recovery, but also promote healthy weight gain.

Continue reading for more details on the benefits of banana and milk.

Benefits of Banana and Milk

Banana and milk offers a lot of benefits.

The following are some of the potential benefits of banana and milk:

Good for Digestive health:

Contrary to the popular belief that banana and milk can be damaging to digestive health, banana and milk are actually great for the digestive health. Banana contains fiber, that aid proper digestion and prevent digestive issues like constipation. Milk is also useful in the digestion of fats.

Good for Workout:

Bananas and milk smoothie make a great drink before and after an extended training. They help boost energy and performance, build muscles and enhance post-workout recovery. The high content of protein in milk makes it great for consumption after exercise, as they can help repair tissues.

Bananas are also great for post-workout consumption, as they help replenish glycogen stores in your muscles.

Decrease blood pressure:

The potassium in banana milk may help with blood pressure reduction, and as such lower your risk of developing heart diseases.

Promotes healthy weight gain:

Bananas and milk are rich in calorie content; and thus may increase your calorie intake. A medium sized banana has over 105 calories, and a serving cup of milk- 149 calories. Over time, regular consumption of bananas and milk may contribute to an increased weight gain. Hence, the need to consume in moderation. But, hey, no need to fright, as the presence of essential nutrients in bananas and milk will help you gain weight but in a healthy way. Banana milkshakes are often recommended to persons who desire to gain weight.

Improve skin health:

Banana contains antioxidants that can help protect the skin from cell damage due to exposure. It also contains manganese that transforms into collagen used by the body. Milk on the other hand, contains lactic acid that prevents and get rid of wrinkles. It also revitalizes the skin by eliminating dead skin cells. Thus, giving your skin a refreshing and flawless look.

Benefits of banana and milk
Benefits of banana and milk are numerous

Keep Bones Strong and Healthy:

The calcium in banana milk can help support bone health through healthy bones development. In addition, it builds muscles too.

Sperm count…Does banana and milk increase sperm count?

Yes. Banana and milk and groundnut combo is a perfect sperm booster by way of stimulating the testis and adrenals to produce more male hormone….eat more banana, milk and groundnut to increase you sperm count and motility.

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