What nuts are good for erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to attain and sustain an erection. Otherwise referred to as poor or weak erection. This condition affects older men more likely than younger men. Out of all secxual dysfunctions, it is the most common in men. While there are various medications that help improve erections, there are also foods that may help men get firmer and long-lasting.

Nuts is one of such food that help with management of erectile dysfunctions in men. It is a rich source of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals. Nuts are natural sources of Zinc, Copper, selenium and Manganese- essential nutrients good for ED.

Nuts also help improve sperm count and quality. Recent studies have shown that eating 60 grams of nuts a day (equivalent to 2 handfuls) lead to improved erectile function and libido.

Certain nuts are good for ED, due to their content of key nutrients that contribute to good erectile health. This article aims to highlight the benefits of nuts, and the nuts good for erectile dysfunction.

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What are the benefits of nuts in improving erectile function?

Nuts are known to help improve erectile functions including libido Eating nuts can help provide the following benefits:

Improve blood flow: To attain and sustain your wood, there need to be healthy blood circulation all through the body, even down to the privates. Constricted or clogged blood vessels can prevent healthy blood flow. Thereby, triggering erectile problems. Magnesium, L-arginine, and Omega-3 in some nuts can help improve blood flow, and help with getting better wood.

What nuts are good for erectile
What nuts are good for erectile ? See nuts that boost libido

L-arginine is an amino acid that has been shown to improve ED. L-arginine in nuts relaxes the blood vessels and promotes blood circulation. It may also help with the regulation of cholesterol levels and unclogging of blood vessels. Magnesium on the other hand, opens up blood vessels to allow for free flow of blood.

Boost testosterone production:

Testosterone (male hormone) play a key role in promoting good erectile health. A healthy testosterone level improves erections, while a low testosterone level can cause poor or weak erections.

To attain stronger *****, your testosterone levels need to be improved. And this is possible when you consume certain nutrients like walnuts, groundnuts, cashew nuts etc

Zinc play a vital role in testosterone production, and can be found in nuts. Zinc helps boost testosterone levels, prevents erectile dysfunction and increases libido.

Increase libido: Selenium and Vitamin E are essential nutrients that help boost libido levels. You can find them in nuts too. Vitamin E help regulate sex hormones, and boost to your libido.

Increase energy levels: Low energy levels or a feeling of fatigue and weakness can cause low libido. A decreased libido can cause erectile dysfunction. Eating foods like nuts can help boost your energy levels. Nuts are great sources of protein which can increase your energy levels. An increased energy level makes room for better performance in bed.

Reduces stress and anxiety: Anxiety (could be performance anxiety) and stress are known causes of erectile dysfunction. Nuts can help with stress and anxiety management due to the presence of vitamin B in them. A reduced stress level increases libido, which in turn improves libido.

What nuts are good for erectile dysfunction?

Nuts contain essential nutrients and vitamins that help improve blood flow, increase libido, energy levels and boost testosterone production. All these ultimately help improve wood and may help reduce your risk of having an erectile dysfunction.

Nuts good for erectile dysfunction include:



Pine nuts,



Brazil nuts

Macadamia nuts etc.

These nuts provide a lot of benefits to your health. They help maintain your cholesterol and blood pressure levels. A regulation of these indicators can help improve blood flow and erection.

Eating walnuts, peanuts, macadamia nuts, almonds and other varieties of nuts are not only good for improving erectile functions but also your overall health. Alongside ED treatment based on the specific root cause, addition of this food to your diet will do your body a lot of good.


Please note that eating nuts alone wont produce instantaneous results. ED treatments alongside nuts can assist with erection problems and improve your erectile health. However, consumption of these nuts should be regular as eating a handful isnt going to yield positive results.

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