Avocado seed and menstruation plus ovulation

It is on record that avocado seed and leaves helps to restart ceased MENSTRUATION and regulate the the menstrual cycle. It is also on record that avocado seed helps to boost ovulation and increases a woman’s chances of getting pregnant with even twins.

Chop avocado seed and soak in warm water for about an hour. You can drink the avocado seed tea time help your menstruation. Avocado leaf tea also helps to relieve menstrual cramps.

Avocado seed and menstruation plus
Avocado seed cleanse the womb during menstruation

Q: What are the things to eat when on menstruation?

A: While menstruating, it is advisable to eat healthy meals such as fruits (especially watermelon and cucumber as they are water rich) , leafy green vegetables (to boost your iron content), grains, ginger, chicken, fish, yoghurt and to drink lots of water.
You should avoid excessive salt, coffee, alcohol, spicy foods, red meat and other foods you do not tolerate well during the period.


Avocado seed seed helps to boost ovulation and fertility. A cup of avocado seed tea will help you relieve your menstrual cramps and regularize your menstrual flow to normal. You can drink avocado seed tea during your periods and even before your menstrual flow…. Avocado seed is believed to help clean the womb of stale blood and toxins.

You should however do a hormone profile and an abdominopelvic scan if you are having menstrual problems….it will tell you alot about your reproductive health.

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