Is biochemistry harder than medicine?


Biochemistry is definitely not harder than Medicine for a number of reasons. For one Biochemistry is one of the courses which Medical students have to study at a point in the university and Biochemistry which is hard in its own right is couple with other courses such as Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology, skyrockets the difficulty of Medicine to a whole different level. The mental or intellectual capacity needed to study Biochemistry is way less than that needed to study Medicine.

Though both may involve human life and health care, in terms of which is harder to study in the University Medicine takes the crown for I dare say being the hardest healthcare course as it encompasses everything health ranging from Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry and Microbiology, Ionizing radiation to Biomedical Technology.

Is biochemistry harder than medicine?
Is biochemistry harder than medicine?

Biochemistry on the other hand, is only averagely difficult. It requires more dedication and will to study and to understand the details of all the biological chemical processes and reactions occurring inside our body and how they are intertwined.

The subject itself is very vast and it requires a little more effort than some subjects to get a grip on. Medicine is a six year course in the university which is followed by a 12 months of housemanship/Clinical experience in contrast to four years for Biochemistry.

Biochemistry is a branch of science that deals with the chemical processes within and outside of living things. Biochemistry is a laboratory based science that combines biology and chemistry.

Biochemistry aims to understand the mechanisms that are the basis of life by describing the structure and function of bio-molecules.

It is the discipline that attempts to understand the workings of ourselves and our interactions with nature from the direction of both the physical sciences and biological sciences.

Medicine however, is a combination of all the components of the components of health science as medicine students study a bit of everything and the basics of medicine and surgery before moving to focus on areas of their choices such as; Paediatrics, gynaecology, ophthalmology, surgery or public health.

Therefore, Medicine requires considerably more mental power and effort to study.

They are both incredibly challenging degrees. Though in a way in I think which one is harder will depend on the person and their existing experience and skills.

Biochemists have in-depth knowledge of biochemical processes, biochemical reaction pathways, metabolism and substance structures. But Doctors have to learn and use anatomy and pathology.

Both professionals build on these skills to complete the ‘relay race’ which is healthcare provision.

So while both fields are challenging, medicine even more so, I think most people pursue one path over the other because their skills and interests are more in line with that path rather than the objective degree of difficulty.

Olayinka Shyllon

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