Difference between SMA Gold and SMA PRO

There is no difference between sma gold, and SMA pro. THEY ARE ACTUALLY THE SAME IN NUTRIENTS AND COMPOSITION. Nestle, the company that manufacture #SMA gold only rebranded it to #SMA pro and nothing more. Infants can take both #Sma gold and #SMA pro or little steps irrespective of their age in months …

Difference between SMA Gold and SMA PRO
SMA gold brands are not different in taste or nutrients

It is just a strategy to make people develop interest in buying “newly improved” version of SMA gold. There is no ingredient or nutrient in #SMA gold that is not in #SMA PRO.

Please be informed that there is a link between baby formulas, constipation and necrotizing enterocolitis. Discuss with your doctor before commencing any infant formula to your child.

Breast feeding, though may be difficult to make exclusive, it is still the best policy.

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