Turmeric and ginger benefits sexually.

The origin and history of turmeric and ginger can be traced down to the Asian culture, the Indians and Chinese. They were used in ayurvedics and traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac. Due to their incredible health benefits, these natural spices are used for culinary and medicinal purposes.

When used individually, turmeric and ginger are potent. More so, when used as a combo, they are even a more potent aid. In addition to their health benefits, they can also offer sexual benefits.

Although, the use of turmeric and ginger to enhance sex life may not be commonly known, they possess characteristics (chemical compounds, antioxidants, nutrients and properties) worth more than just spices that add colour and flavor to food.
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How Turmeric and Ginger Can Benefit You Sexually?

What is a good sexual life without overall pleasure and satisfaction. These and more are the many sexual benefits turmeric and ginger bring to the table.

Lets take a look at some of their potential sexual benefits of ginger and turmeric combo :

👉Increase in Sex Drive:

Stress, Poor nutrition, Poor circulation of blood flow are some factors responsible for decreased sexual drive. Adding turmeric to your meals can help improve blood flow, open up blood vessels, allow for free circulation of blood to the genitals, and impact stress-related systems. Thus, boost sex drive. This is as a result of the compounds present in these spices- curcumin in turmeric, and gingerol in ginger. These active agents help increase sex drive even in postpartum women.

👉Increase Testosterone Levels:

Turmeric and ginger has been shown to increase testosterone (male sex hormone) production in men, which in turn can increase libido. Since testosterone levels are closely linked with mens libido, turmeric and ginger has the potential to be an effective natural libido booster for men.

Turmeric and ginger benefits sexually
Turmeric and ginger benefits sexually

👉Increase sperm production and quality:

Intake of turmeric and ginger can potentially increase testosterone levels. This will notably cause an increase in sperm production, and quality.

👉Treat Erectile Dysfunction:

Turmeric and ginger also has the potential to treat erectile dysfunction, weak or poor erection. Another way to use this is to apply the mixture as an ointment around your genitalia area. This helps reduce inflammation, improve vasodilation, and increase blood flow as well.

👉Balance Hormones:

One of the essentials to living and leading a healthy sex life is having balanced hormones. The proper functioning of the immune system and the body as a whole can become altered by imbalanced hormones. This can get in the way of sexual desire, and can lower your sex drive. Adding turmeric and ginger to your diets can help with balancing your hormones, allowing for an increased sex drive and performance. Hormones balance can also prevent male and female infertility.

👉Promotes Weight Loss:

Maintaining a healthy weight can help increase a person’s self-confidence. You get to feel sexy in your own skin, especially for the women. Once the feeling sets in, youll feel no resistance and get to perform better in bed. With turmeric and ginger, you can get to attain a healthy weight, and flat tummy free of excess fat tissues. Adiponectin, a hormone that regulates body metabolism is improved by curcumin. Although, weight loss isnt directly a sexual benefit, the feeling of increased self-esteem that comes with it can help boost sex drive and libido.

👉Improve Digestive System

Digestive issues like bloating, flatulence and gassy feeling can reduce sexual desire or lead to poor performance during sexual activities. Turmeric and ginger boosts digestive system by reducing these indigestion symptoms, aiding digestion, and improving nutrient absorption. With an improved digestive system, your sex drive and libido gets improved.


If seeking to improve sex life, you should consider adding turmeric and ginger to your diets. Keep in mind, a healthy sexual life is possible if there is a healthy blood flow in your body. This is because lack of adequate blood flow can lead to a decreased sex drive. Therefore, adding turmeric and ginger to your diets can help boost and improve the quality of your sex life.

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