Side effect of bitter leaf on the liver….

The benefits of bitter leaf to the liver, kidney, pancreas, and other vital organs are out of this world. Whilst many know of the innumerable health benefits of bitter leaf, others are still in the dark about this wonderful vegetable. This article was written to sensitize you on that.

Bitter Leaf (botanically known as Vernonia amygdalina) is one of the commonest green leafy vegetable in Nigeria. Its mainly used in cooking soups. The popular is the Ofe Onugbo (bitter leaf soup) by the Igbos.

Bitter Leaf contains several nutrients, chemical compounds and properties that help improve health and function of many vital organs in the body. One of such important organ is the liver. Hence the nickname- Liver plant.

Bitter Leaf is regarded as the liver plant due to the vital functions it helps perform on the liver.

Some of which are:

👉Boosting General Liver Health
👉Cleansing and Detoxification of the Liver
👉Prevention of Liver diseases including fatty liver dusease, hepatitis and cirrhosis.

Side Effect of Bitter Leaf on the Liver

You may wonder how such a plant of high medicinal value is potentially capable of causing side effects. Well, despite its vast range of health benefits, excessive consumption of bitter leaf/juice can cause the following: loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrheoa. These mentioned side effects can subside when you stop or moderate consumption of bitter leaf.

Side effect of bitter leaf on the liver
Bitter leaf is very good for liver health.

As far as the liver health is concerned, intake of bitter leaf has no negative effects on the liver. None of the side effects mentioned above have affect or damage the liver or kidney. Bitter leaf is considered generally safe for human consumption.

Bitter leaf promotes liver health….it helps to detox the liver of toxins and protect it against harmful viruses. Bitter leaf consumption has been shown to help reverse paracetamol induced liver damage and helps restore liver enzymes to normal levels in the blood. Bitter leaf contains loads of antioxidants which helps to rejuvenate your aging liver to normal health. Bitter leaf has been shown to to help improve isoniazid induced liver toxicity in tested swiss albino rats. Bitter leaf is food for the liver.


Bitter leaf helps detoxify your liver, cleanse your system, prevent fatty liver disease, and improve the liver health. It does these without causing any side effects. Truly, bitter leaf is a magical plant for the liver. No reported has be documented to show that bitter leaf harms the liver.

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