How long does it take to get pregnant after Sayana Press?

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A woman wants to know how soon or how long it will take to get pregnant again after the taking the now popular injectible contraceptive called sayana press.

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Good morning doctor, I am a 25year old lady …I recently got married and I and my hubby don’t intend to have kids yet. We intend to start having children after our finances have really stabilized…at least for the next six months. I have decided to take sayana press injection that will ensure I don’t get pregnant for the duration of 3 months…of which I will take another one to renew it after the duration of 3 months has elapsed. Now that I have opted for sayana press, I want to know how long it will take to get pregnant after I stop using sayana press injection…I hope it will not delay pregnancy or stop me from getting pregnant.

How long does it take to get pregnant after Sayana Press?
How long does it take to get pregnant after Sayana Press? It could be immediately, 4 months or year…it depends on the woman.

I have read testimonies about sayana press were some women said they got pregnant immediately after discontinuing sayana press while others claimed it took them a year to get to conceive after they stopped sayana press injection….

Doctor, how long will it take for me to conceive when I stop taking sayana press contraceptive injection?

Linda from Owerri

My reply:

Thank you for reaching out. Sayana press injection by Pfizer is a progestin anolog hormonal contraceptive that can prevent pregnancy for 13 weeks (depo provera is 12 weeks)…Sayana press is a 3 monthly hormonal contraceptive that is given subcutaneously (under the skin). It can be given by a health worker or self administered at home by the women.

Sayana press, just like every other hormonal contraceptive, have a major side effects – delay pregnancy even after stopping its use. For example, it is documented that sayana press can delay pregnancy or even your period for about 4months to 1 year (4 -12 months)… testimonies from different women many differ.

I know a woman who got pregnant immediately (a month later) after stopping sayana press…Other women have said they waited for 5 months to get pregnant after they stopped to take sayana press for contraception.

Sayana press injection can delay periods and cause mild vagina bleeding. I once spoke with some ladies in the family planning clinic who claimed they had vagina bleeding after taking the sayana press injection for at least a week….

I listened to how the nurses had to counsel them that some women may find it difficult to conceive for some months after stopping the contraceptive but they will get pregnant eventually after the temporary delay.

However, be rest assured that sayana press does not cause infertility. There are millions of women out there who conceived immediately after they stopped taking sayana press injection…

Don’t be scared… contraception is highly democratized and a matter of choice…you have the right to opt for other contraceptive options like IUCD, depo provera, implanon etc to prevent pregnancy.

Thank you.

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