How to Use of Bitter leaf to treat erectile dysfunction…does bitter leaf help sexually?

How to Use Bitter leaf to treat Erectile dysfunction

Bitter leaf, is a medicinal plant commonly grown in Sub-Saharan African. Botanically known as Vernonia amygdalina, bitter leaf has a lot of health benefits attached to it. One of which is sexual. The sexual benefits bitter leaf offers are numerous. As proven by science, bitter leaf contains phytochemicals like saponins, alkaloids, phenols, amino acids and sterols, that help enhance libido and performances in both males and females.

Some of the sexual benefits of bitter leaf to males and females include the following:

In women, bitter leaf can help in the:

👉Regulation of hormones such as Estrogen and Progesterone that aid fertility.

👉Proper functioning of the reproductive system.

👉Nourishment of the uterus in preparation for pregnancy. This is due to a compound in bitter leaf known as Edotides.

👉Bitter leaf is also an ovulation booster and menstruation regulator

(How to)Use of Bitter leaf to treat erectile dysfunction
(How to)Use of Bitter leaf to treat erectile dysfunction

For males, bitter leaf can help:

👉Prevent prostrate cancer: Due to a compound known as Andrographolide, bitter leaf contains anti-cancer properties that can help prevent cancer in men.

👉Increase libido

👉Bitter leaf is used to treat erectile dysfunction , weak erection, quick ejaculation and low sperm count.

For the purpose of this article, we will be discussing how to treat erectile dysfunction in males with the use of bitter leaf.

Read on.

But first…

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man finds it difficult to either obtain or sustain an erection.

Causes of erectile dysfunction include:

👉High blood pressure
👉Drug abuse
👉Injuries to the penile area
👉Diseases that obstruct blood flow such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

Bitter leaf is known to contain a compound known as alkaloid that can help in treating this erectile dysfunction in males. This phytochemical treats this condition by regulating the neurotransmitters (especially nitric oxide) and relaxing the erectile tissue smooth muscles known as corpora cavernosa. Thus, allowing the flow of blood to the penis. The nitric oxide in bitter leaf increase blood flow to the penis helping to get and sustain an erection.

For some, the use of bitter leaf would be prefered in cooking especially in soups. However, for others, the conversion of the leaf into a juicy extract would be preferred.
See below how to make bitter leaf extract.

How to Make Bitter leaf Juice Extract for erectile dysfunction

Ingredients needed include:

👉Bitter leaf

👉Sufficient amount of clean water or coconut water


👉Start by squeezing, marshing the bitter leaves in a bowl with water.
👉Repeat procedure 1 above for about 3-5 mins.
👉Wash, rinse and sieve out the water a couple of times.
👉Add a fresh cup of water and then sieve out the water into a cup.
👉Ensure to drink this daily to achieve effectiveness. You can also add a tea spoon of moringa powder for manpower, if you desire.


In addition to the use of bitter leaf for treatment, it is important you adjust your lifestyles, and cut down unhealthy eating behaviours that could pre-dispose you to this condition. However, if condition persist, discontinue use and see a doctor.

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