Is water yam good for diabetics (Water Yam and Diabetes)? Is water yam and cocoyam good for diabetes patient? Is pounded yam good for diabetes?

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Water yam contains essential minerals such as potassium, manganese, calcium, magnesium, and iron, necessary for carbohydrate, protein and enzyme metabolism in the body. Water yam is known for its ability to regulate sugar levels, even in individuals with type 2 diabetes. The dietary fiber in the yam helps to stabilize the rate of digestion and lower blood sugar. Water yam contains carotenoids, so it can increase insulin sensitivity. Another benefit of water yam is its ability to purify the blood from excess accumulated cholesterol. This makes water yam best for diabetes among other varieties of yam.

Is water yam good for diabetics (Water Yam and Diabetes)
Is water yam good for diabetics? In this picture is a roasted water yam and ukpaka. Perfect food for diabetics

As for diabetics that like pounded yam, you can use cocoyam or white yam as pounded yam. Both cocoyam and white yam are good for diabetics. Water yam contain very low sugar. It has low sugar content. I have checked and i found out that water yam has a very low glycemic index, its glycemic index is just 50. This means water yam will not raise blood sugar in people living with diabetes disproportionately. So, for a diabetic patient that want to use diet and exercise to regulate their bloo sugar, it is important for you to incorporate water yam to your food menu.

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Even though cocoyam is known to have high glycemic index, it has high fibre and resistant starch which makes it suitable for diabetic patients. For example, the high fibre content of cocoyam makes sure that very little of cocoyam carb diet is absorbed in the intestines. With this , cocoyam will play very little role in your blood sugar rise. Also, the resistant starch found in cocoyam will make sure intestinal enzymes find it difficult to convert the starch to glucose. cocoyam is excreted almost fully as it is eaten and plays no significant role in sugar rise. This means you can use cocoyam as pounded yam swallow or you can eat the cooked or roasted cocoyam with palm oil….you are safe.

In summmary, both water (dioscora alata) and cocoyam (taro) is good for for diabetic patient. Pounded yam is good for diabetic patient but make sure it is water yam pounded yam or cocoyam pounded yam. However, dont forget to eat these superfoods in moderation.

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