Is it good to eat garden egg during menstruation?

See there is no harm in eating garden eggs while menstruating. Ladies can go ahead to eat garden eggs when they are seeing their period or during ovulation.

I interviewed some females on how garden eggs affect their menstruation and these are some notable comments I got….as documented:

According to Miss Egboigbe , a business woman that deals in jewelry; I eat garden eggs during my periods, I have not noticed any changes in my menstruation but I am sure that it is not harmful. Garden egg is the only free of I crave during menstruation.

Is it good to eat garden egg during menstruation?
Is it good to eat garden egg during menstruation? Yea

Madam Ngozi: When I eat gardens while menstruating, my periods are usually lighter and the cramps are relieved. Garden egg is good for menstruation…it is not bad.

Nurse Peace Adaugo; how on Earth will will anyone think garden to be bad for periods? Garden egg is a good fruit that is rich in folic acid and iron…it boosts blood production and cures menstruation induced anemia.

Mrs Smith from the United States; for me the green garden egg is okay for menstruation when compared to the white type. The fibre in garden eggs prevents and treat the stomach bloating that comes with menstruation in some persons.

Mrs Esho: Garden egg cleanse my womb during menstruation. I eat loads of it during my periods and I notice it makes my flow lighter and better.


Garden egg poses no threat to menstruation….rather, some ladies have claimed that garden eggs cures menstrual cramps and promote uterine regeneration that occured from endometrial sloughing induced by menstruation….don’t forget that garden eggs is rich in folic acid.

Garden eggs is one of the fruits for women during menstruation and during pregnancy.

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