What are the benefits of alligator pepper? (See the uses of alligator pepper in the body)

Alligator pepper, also known as ‘hepper pepper’ or ‘mbongo spice’, is a spice native to West Africa that could be used as a traditional home remedy and for culinary purposes. It is referred to as ‘Atare’ in Yoruba, ‘Ose Oji’ in Igbo and ‘Ntuen Ibok’ in Ibibio. Botanically, it is known as ‘Aframomum Melegueta’.

In typical Igbo settings, such as traditional events and meetings, this spice can’t be found wanting; as it is usually combined with kola nuts and peanut butter as custom demands. Due to its peppery nature, alligator pepper seeds and leaves can serve as a spice for preparation of variety of dishes and foods such as soups, stews etc. Also, used in the drinks industry for flavoring gin, beer, wine and more.

Alligator pepper can be used for several purposes; so, are the benefits that come with using the spice. This article will provide information on the benefits of alligator pepper, including its effects on fertility, ulcer and menstruation. Continue reading to know more about this West African spice.

What are the Benefits of Alligator Pepper?

Below are the benefits of Alligator Pepper:

👉Treatment of Wounds and Burns: Mbongo spice, is known to contain fibre and tanin in high amount, that helps with healing wounds, generation of tissues, treatment of burns, and reducing inflammation. The seeds are usually grinded and used in making concoctions that help with wound healing and treatment.

👉Reduces Inflammation: It is also known to have anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation.

👉Treatment of Gastro-intestinal disorders: Alligator pepper is a home remedy that can help treat gastro-intestinal disorders like diarrhoea, stomach pains, intestinal worms and ulcers. For ulcers, this hasn’t been proven true, as ulcer patients are advised to stay away from peppery foods. Alligator pepper has a pungent peppery taste that can prolong the effects of ulcer.

What are the benefits of alligator pepper? (See the uses of alligator pepper)
What are the benefits of alligator pepper? Read

👉Regulation of Blood Sugar Level: Alligator pepper contains amino acids that help reduce and maintain the level of sugar in the blood.

👉Helps with Erectile Dysfunction: For males, hepper pepper helps delay ejaculation, (could be weak or premature); by increasing the flow of blood in your sexual organs, thereby increasing how long you can last in bed.

👉Helps Keep you warm and prevents cold: This West African spice can be said to be thermogenic; that is, it generates heat from within the body, thereby keeping the body warm. This can help with fighting off cold.

👉Helps with weight loss: The heat generated from taking this spice; as well as the piperine present in the spice helps burn excess fat and belly fat. Also, it is believed that spicy foods can help give a satiety sensation and reduces appetite; thereby leading to loss of weight. Alligator pepper is one of such food.

👉Alligator Pepper Increases libido: This spice helps has aphrodisiac properties that boosts sexual drive and excitement. It also helps with stamina in bed. In women, it stimulates their nerve endings as well as increases their sensitivity to touch during sex.

👉Treatment for Sleeping Sickness: A West African country, Senegal uses this spice as a traditional home remedy for the treatment of sleeping sickness. The seeds of this spice is usually mixed with salt, and then rubbed on the interior areas of the mouth.

👉Treatment of Infectious Skin Diseases: Infectious skin diseases such as smallpox, measles, and chicken pox can all be cured with this spice. In addition, this spice possesses antimicrobial properties that help fight off bacteria, fungal infections; thereby, preventing severe illnesses such as staphylococcus, typhoid.

👉Serves as an alternative in relieving pain: Alligator pepper extract is analgesic in nature; and therefore can be used as a pain reliever in areas such as the teeth, joints, stomach and for arthritis and rheumatoid pain.

👉Helps in Blood clotting: The juice gotten from the leaves of this spice can be used in stopping bleeding.

👉Helps Keep the Body Alert, Conscious and Active: Due to its peppery and strong taste when chewed, alligator pepper can serve as a stimulant that helps keep the body alert.

👉Treatment of Malaria: Alligator leaves can be used in making concoctions that help prevent and treat malaria.

👉Aids Digestion: The seeds help with digesting food easily; thereby, preventing issues such as bloating and constipation.

👉Boosts fertility: In women, this spice can help increase a woman’s chance of getting pregnant while in men, it treats infertility, and increases sperm count.

👉Regularizes Menstruation: It is believed that chewing this spice every morning and night for like a period of one month can help regularizes your menstrual cycle. In addition, it can help relieve menstrual cramps and pain.


These and many more are the benefits you can derive from the use of alligator peppers. However, please note that you may not derive all of these benefits when you use this spice; as what may work for others may not work for you. So, please ensure you get to know your body, and its needs before consuming it. Notwithstanding, consistent use of this spice can give a desired outcome.

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  1. the top[c treated on the benefits of alligator pepper is relevant to us in Africa where we use it daily as medicine to cure nasal problems ;we need more updates on African plants


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