How can I test myself for scabies?

Scabies is not a day for disease for the poor alone, even a number of rich people get scabies infestation. That said, their is really no diagnostic test for #scabies at #home or even in the hospital (laboratory)….scabies is purely a clinical diagnosis by the doctor….and requires no special test to be done to clinch the diagnosis.

How can I test myself for scabies
Scabies infestation on the hand

I have heard people talk about adhesive tape test for scabies….but it is wrong, adhesive tape test is used to test for pinworms and not scabies.

Now that we have all agreed that their is no home test for scabies, let me tell you how you will know you have #scabies at home without even seeing a doctor.

You can know you have scabies at home with the following symptoms:

ITCHY RASH in any of the areas like the public area, elbow, groin, genitals, but, anus, webbing between the fingers, neck, soles, back of the knees, palms, and feet….this itching is severe and worse at night.

You may also see burrows on your skin…they are caused by mites digging their way into your skin….

With the symptoms and signs on your skin as described, you can be sure that you have scabies…you don’t need special test at #home.

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