Benefits of drinking clove water in morning and at night.

What are the health Benefits of Drinking Clove in the Morning and at Night?

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Cloves are medicinal spices beneficial to the body and health in general. The time of the day you take the clove water do not really matter, what matters is you taking it in moderate amounts. Cloves contain a lot of nutrients such as vitamins, thiamine, manganese, riboflavin and more. Drinking a glass of clove water helps provide you with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that helps boost your immune system and fights off infections.

Let’s get to know how to prepare the clove water.

Preparations of Clove water

Ingredients needed:
Cloves (2-3)


Submerge the cloves into water.

Heat up the mix to allow the constituents in the cloves dilute into the water (this is optional).

Leave the mix (cloves soaked in water) overnight.

Strain the cloves out of the water.

Drink and Enjoy.

Now that you know the preparation of clove water, let’s get to know the benefits of drinking clove water in the morning and at night. Read on.

Benefits of Taking Clove Water in the Morning

It is best you take clove water on an empty stomach in the morning, as it is known to stimulate positive effects on the body. See some benefits below:

👉It aids Digestion: Digestive issues such as bloating and constipation can arise when food isn’t properly digested. Taking clove water in the morning helps with enzyme secretion that digests food. For individuals who complain of stomach pains and digestion, this is the right natural remedy for you.

Benefits of drinking clove water in morning and at night
Benefits of drinking clove water in morning and at night you should know

👉It helps in weight loss: Clove water helps keep you full for a long period of time. This reduction in appetite keeps you away from starting your morning with consumption of calories; thereby, keeping your weight balanced and maintained.

👉Helps keep off Infection: Infections like mouth ulcers caused by bacteria can be treated with clove water. Using it to rinse off the mouth in the morning keeps your mouth healthy and free from bacteria and odour.

👉It helps maintain Blood Sugar Levels: Clove water is good for people who are diabetic, as it helps regulate their blood sugar level. If not maintained, an increase in blood sugar can lead to an increased risk of high blood pressure. Therefore, it is recommended that those who are diabetic take clove water in the morning before eating any food.

👉Keeps the Brain active: Clove contains Manganese that ensures the brain functions properly. When you take clove water in the morning, your brain becomes active, and functions properly. That way you can focus and concentrate on your day’s job.

Lastly, drinking clove water in the morning helps strengthen the bone and skeletal system; through the stimulation of collagen fibers development.

Benefits of Drinking Clove Water at Night

Just as drinking clove water in the morning is beneficial, so is taking it at night before you go to bed. The best thing about taking clove water at night, is you get to wake up in the morning rejuvenated and better. An alternative way to taking cloves at night is by eating two cloves and then, drinking a glass of water.

👉Provides relief from tooth aches, sore and throat pain: Taking clove water helps provide relief from tooth aches, sore and throat pain. To get rid of toothaches, you can place a clove on the aching tooth.

👉Relieving stress and common stomach ailments: Cloves contain a compound known as Eugenol, that helps relieve the day’s stress and stomach problems like diarrhea, constipation, etc.

👉Prevents Parkinson’s disease: Parkinson’s disease is characterized by tremor, postural instability and bradykinesia (slowness of movement). Drinking clove water at night helps give relief from this health problem.

👉Helps get rid of common infection, cold and cough: Other infections such as asthma, bronchitis can also be prevented.

Lastly, those who suffer from trembling hands and feet can take this at night to get relief and keep the problem in check.


Whatever your reason for drinking clove water, ensure you stay consistent and drink moderately. That way you get relief from the condition.

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