Health Benefits and Nutritional Benefits of Fura Da Nono…..Fura da nunu benefits.

Fura Da Nono is a popular combo food eaten mostly by the Northeners (fulani tribe especially) in Nigeria. It can also be referred to as “Fura De Nunu”. Fura is a local term that means ‘millet’, while Nono means ‘milk’. Fura is made from millet, grounded and moulded into balls, whereas Nono is the fermented milk, with a thick consistency gotten from the separation of milk from its lipid component, known as the cow oil. It is referred to as ‘Mai Shanu’ in Hausa.

Health Benefits and Nutritional Benefits of Fura Da Nono
Fulani girls selling fura da nono

In this article, we will be looking at the effects of Fura Da Nono on pregnancy, fertilirt, weight as well as the overall health and nutritional benefits of Fura Da Nono. Read on to know more.

Firstly, let’s get to know the nutritional value of Fura Da Nono.

Nutritional Value of Fura Da Nono

With millet being the primary source of this food, Fura Da Nono is highly nutritional. Minerals and Vitamins such as Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, Tryptophan, Phosphorus, Fiber, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12, Potassium, Riboflavin, Iodine and Zinc are contained in this gruel. All these nutrients help support vital physiological processes in the body.

👉Magnesium: Helps reduce the effecs of migranes and heart attacks.

👉Phosphorus; This nutrient helps metabolize fat in the body, give energy and repair body tissues.

👉Vitamin B3: Helps reduce the level of Cholesterol in the body.

👉Calcium: Helps in building the bones in the body.

Health Benefits and Nutritional benefits of Fura Da Nono

Now to the health benefits of Fura Da Nono

👉Help keep your gut healthy: Fura Da Nono is an excellent source of probiotics (good bacteria) that help in fighting out harmful microorganisms that can cause infections in the body.

👉Aid Digestion and Prevent Constipation: Fura Da Nono is alkalinic in nature; this helps promote digestion, improve mood and skin tone, as well as prevent constipation. It also helps with weight loss.

👉Lowers blood pressure and severity of asthma: Fura Da Nono has been shown to reduce blood pressure, as well as the severity of asthma, particularly in people with diabetic heart disease or atherosclerosis.

👉Improve Cholesterol levels: The presence of niacin or vitamin B3 can help improve your general health, including improving cholesterol levels in the body and reducing the risk of heart diseases. It removes foreign substances in the liver and kidney, prevents vitamin B deficiency known as pellagra.

Health Benefits and Nutritional Benefits of Fura Da Nono
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👉Prevent Gallstones: Gallstones are small objects formed in the gall bladder. Consumption of Fura Da Nono has been shown to prevent gallstones in women as it is high in insoluble fiber.

👉Reduces the risk of Breast Cancer and type 2 Diabetes: The presence of fiber in Fura Da Nono helps confer protection in pre-menopausal women against breast cancer; whereas Magnesium acts as a co-factor for enzymes in the body including glucose and insulin secretion enzymes. This helps maintain sugar levels in the body; thus, reducing the risk of having type 2 diabetes.

👉Helps reduce belly fats and give flat abs: To those who detest exercise, but want to keep fit including having flat abs. This food is for you as it is highly enriched in protein that helps manage body weight, reduce belly fats and build or maintain lean muscle mass.

👉Fura da mono also relieves ulcer pains and promote ulcer healing

Fura Da Nono Calories

Fura Da Nono contains a high amount of calories, protein and fat which makes it a very good nutritional diet and provides energy. A wrap of fura da nono contains 412kcal of calories.

Fura Da Nono and becoming fat…Is fura da nono Fattening?

This isn’t only exclusive to Fura da Nono. You can get fattened when you take this food if you:

👉Add too much sugars when blending the fura

👉Do not consume moderately such as: taking multiple cups of Fura da Nono in a week.

Fura Da Nono in Pregnancy: Is fura good for pregnant women?

To prevent complications during pregnancy, pregnant women are advised to eat healthy. Staying clear off unpasteurized dairy products keep a pregnant woman safe. Nono is an unpasteurized local milk that is capable of getting contaminated and making you sick during pregnancy. In as much as it is nutritious, microorganisms and pathogens can be harboured in it and could lead to food borne diseases such as listeria in pregnancy.

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As much as Fura Da Nono has its negative effects, this however doesn’t outweigh the potential benefits that comes with consuming this food. Fura Da Nono contains lots of vitamins, fats, proteins and minerals that helps the growth and development of both the baby and mother. For instance, calcium in fura da nono helps in bone development of the foetus in the womb. Also, consumption of fat filled dairy products by pregnant women have shown that they have less complications during childbirth than those who consume skimmed or low fat dairy products.

Fura da nono for Weight Loss:

Millet is a produce that helps with maintaining weight. Fura Da Nono is alkalinic in nature, and thus helps with weight loss.

Benefits of Fura Da Nono on Fertility

Fat filled yoghurt milk such as Fura Da Nono can help increase your fertility level. Also, eating more protein from plant sources rather than animal sources also increases your chances of being pregnant. As explained above, fura is made from millet, a plant-based source. Therefore, the B vitamins, fat and protein in Fura Da Nono helps improve fertility. Fura da nono increases sperm count and boost libido in males…it also promotes erection.

Fura Da Nono Preservation; How to preserve fura

Currently, there aren’t any known methods of preserving Fura da nono. However, this food can be preserved by freezing for a maximum of three days to avoid spoilage or contamination. Also, during preparation of Fura, the millet balls should be properly cooked to kill microorganisms that could be present.


Fura Da Nono is very high on diet quality and nutrient intake. Although, it has no side effects, it should be taken in moderate amounts.

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  1. Hi
    I want to commend you for your efforts on putting up this post. However as a native consumer of Fura da Nono, there is a discrepancy with your article I wish to address.
    Fura is not millet as you indicated. Fura refers to any cereal that is grounded, cooked and rolled into balls. It is usually served by mashing or blending with milk, yoghurt or slightly fermented milk (nono) and sugar or honey to taste (if desired). Based on the above the various iteration of fura based on the cereal used such as such furan gero (millet), furan alkama (wheat), furan accha (fonio), furan tamba (finger millet) etc. etc


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