50 things you had no idea you could do with coca-cola. What can you clean with coca-cola? 50 unusual uses of coca-cola you should know.

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Coca cola is not only meant for drinking these days….Many persons have found some other unusual but provable practical uses for coca -cola… Trust me, these other uses of coke actually works…You can try it at home to see. These uses of coca-cola comes in handy becomes the high acidity of coke is responsible for all these unusual hacks.

50 things you had no idea you could do with coca-cola

The high acidity level in coca cola can work as a perfect cleanser in your home.


1. For cooking your chicken/meat.

2. For marinating your chicken/meat. Coca cola tenderizes meat and makes it very soft for eating. Soak the meat or chicken in coke for 2 hours before cooking

3. For making barbeque sauce.

4. For baking (like coke cake).

5. For making drink (like slush).

6. Take rust off.

7. For cleaning your toilet bowl.

8. Unclog a drain. You can also unclog a stopped up drain with Coca Cola. Just poor a 2 Leader bottle down you clogged drain. Wait an hour then poor boiling hot water down your drain to wash it down. It works great.

9. Remove blood stains.

10. Loosen stuck bolts.

11. Remove corrosion from car battery terminals.

50 things you had no idea you could do with coca-cola
Other uses of coca cola other than drinking

12. Remove grease from pots and pans.

13. Clean a burnt pots or scorched pans.

14. Remove grease stains from clothing.

15. For cleaning your tile.

16. For cleaning your windows.

17. For cleaning your windshield.

18. For cleaning your mirrors.

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19. Restore shine to coins and jewelries.

20. Put off fire quickly.

21. Get rid of snails and slugs. A pesicide.

22. Defrost your windshield.

23. Break down compost faster.

24. For cleaning marker stains.

25. Fade unwanted hair dye.

26. Get rid of bugs.

27. Removing chew gum stuck to shoes and clothes

28. For feeding your plants.

29. Rid pavement of oil stains.

30. Reduces pains from bug/mosquitoes bites and stings.

31. Remove rust from old pennies. All you have to do is soak them in a glass of coca cola overnight and then scrub them off in them morning. The citric acid in coca cola removes rust.

32. Coke helps remove the bad smell of skunk. Just wash your pet with coca cola followed by water.

33. Coca cola sometimes help you to relieve gastric problems.

34. Coca cola relieves hiccups. If you are having hiccups, hold your breath for a few seconds and drink coca cola quickly.

35. Boil coca cola in your electric kettle to de-scale the kettle.

36. Polish silver. Soak tarnished silver in coca cola for several minutes…rinse and wipe away. Coke loosens the dirt and stains tht build up on silver

37. Coca cola cleans tile grout

38. Coca cola cleans tarnished copoer. Shine your Moscow Mule mugs with a cloth dipped in coca cola. Th acid will dissolve the stain right away.

39. Coca cola cires indigestion and bloating.Coke can be used as a natural remedy for indigestion. The soda in the drink can partially neutralize the stomach acid providing relief from indigestion.

40. Coca cola helps to make straight hair curly

41.Coke will used to remove fishy smell from clothes and laundry.

42. Coca cola can be mixed with rum or vodka or beer for drinking

43. Coca cola removes stains from vitreous china

44. Coca cola cleans marker stains from carpet

45. Coca cola is used to clean eye glasses

46. Coca cola is used as fertilizers for azealas and gardenias gardens. The acidity in coca cola boost the growth of azealas

47. Coca cola will remove that milk stains from the clothes.

48. Drinking a bottle of coke can relieve nasal congestion. Try it.

49. Coca cola kills mice/rats. Naturally rats like coke , they drink it and the gas accumulate in their body killing them in the process.

50. Coca cola helps relieve pain from jellyfish sting.

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