Is palm wine good for a pregnant woman? Is palm wine healthy for a pregnant woman?

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Palmwine the popular natural alcoholic drink that is enjoyed by many categories of people including nursing mothers, breakfeeding mothers, old, young, elderly, men, women and so on.

Is palm wine good for a pregnant woman?
Palm wine is not healthy for pregnant women

There is this debate on whether palmwine is safe or healthy for pregnant women…. While some consider it safe, others think palm wine is alcoholic and can there cause termination of pregnancy, miscarriage and congenital birth defects.

Is palm wine good for pregnant women? Is palm wine healthy for a pregnant woman?

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Chukwudi Ufondu

As a PREGNANT woman, DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL! ALL ALCOHOLICS DRINKS INCLUDING PALM WINE! For women that drink Palm wine during pregnancy,
you need to take a closer look at her children. Fetal alcohol syndrome will definitely be there. She may not even notice until they’re in school and start showing learning disabilities.

Adeola Ade

My mum drank palm wine a lot when she was pregnant with me… palm wine is natural now. I wonder why it is no longer safe in pregnancy.

Esther Ogbechie Ukwuoma

Tanks Doc for this post. Alot of new mums are told to drink Palm wine bcos it helps to increase d flow of breast milk. Without considering the alcoholic content of
the Palm wine can be harmful to the baby. It is well.

Chucks ochons

Drinking palmwine in pregnancy can damage the baby’s brain and can cause miscarriage, pregnancy loss and fetal alcohol syndrome – a condition that can make you baby have learning difficulties in school.

Olaleye curtis

I actually know a lady that had a miscarriage after taking 2 cups of palm wine. I never knew palm wine can induce labour and cause womb contractions… Pregnant women out there should stop drinking palm wine. It can cause abortion.

Savoeda Ayodele

During my third pregnancy, I noticed I used to bleed just a little(dark blood) when I take palmwine, so I stopped. I had a friend who had same experience. Body differs.

Esther Ifeoluwa

I took palm wine when I was like 6+ pregnant & I started having contractions so I have to stop it.


Though a natural drink, palm wine is alcoholic and it is not safe or good for pregnant women irrespective of the trimester…. Drinking palm wine in the early pregnancy is even worse. Palmwine can cause miscarriage, pregnancy loss and even congenital birth defects if taken during pregnancy.

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