Can watermelon cause miscarriage? Is watermelon bad to eat while pregnant?

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Watermelon is a very popular fruit that can be eaten by children, men, women and even pregnant women. There is this fear that watermelon can cause miscarriage in pregnant women so should be avoided. Let me allay your fears today, watermelon is completely safe in pregnancy and does not cause miscarriage or make a woman lose her pregnancy… Watermelon is a nutritious fruit that has no effect whatsoever on the uterus so it cannot cause an abortion. Watermelon does not cause uterine contraction and it is not an abortificient… So it is not bad to eat watermelon while pregnant…. As a pregnant woman, you can eat watermelon at night and even during the day.

Can watermelon cause miscarriage?
Watermelon is totally safe in pregnancy

Here are some reasons why a pregnant woman should always eat watermelon

5 Benefits Of Eating Watermelon During Pregnancy

Learn how this wonderful fruit can help you during your pregnancy by reading this article all the way through.

1. Eases Heart Burns.

Watermelon has a calming effect on the stomach and oesophagus. Acidity and heartburn are common digestive issues among pregnant women. Watermelon has cooling characteristics that aid to alleviate these issues and provide immediate relief.

2. Reduces Swelling In Feet And Hands.

During pregnancy, Edema, or minor swelling of the feet and hands, is fairly prevalent.

Watermelon’s high water content helps to avoid Edema by reducing blockages in the veins and muscles.

3. Alleviates Morning Sickness.

Watermelon provides a wonderfully refreshing, calming, and light start to the day when ingested in the morning. It also has nutritious and energetic characteristics that help to keep morning sickness at bay.

4. Prevents Dehydration.

To avoid dehydration, all pregnant women are encouraged to consume plenty of water. Premature contractions and birth can both be caused by dehydration.

Watermelon is a fantastic method to stay hydrated because it contains more than 90% water.

5. Reduces Muscle Cramps.

A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes throughout pregnancy. Muscles and bones ache as a result of the extra weight and hormones.

Watermelon, in all of its forms, aids the body’s adaptation to these changes and relieves muscle cramps.

Summary, Watermelon should be in the food menu of every pregnant woman, watermelon is safe and healthy in pregnancy, it does not cause miscarriage, abortion, congenital malformations or pregnancy loss. Watermelon is good for any trimester of pregnancy…. You can eat water melon in early pregnancy and in late pregnancy… It is safe.

Are you pregnant? Enjoy watermelon.

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