Does watermelon make you taste sweeter?

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From my mailbox:

A lady want to find out if watermelon can be used to sweeten the vagina…

Her message:

Dr Nimedhealth,

Good evening and happy holidays. Please I want to find out if watermelon can make a woman taste good down there. I know water melon is rich in nitric oxide and it is an aphrodisiac, I want to also know of it can make the woman taste sweet and nice down there. I like my plate to be licked and cleaned with the tongue.

Thank you.

Lauretta for Lagos.

Does watermelon make you taste sweeter?
Does watermelon make you taste sweeter? Yes

My reply:

Thank for reaching out Lauretta. Actually, watermelon has numerous sexual benefits to the woman. Apart from being a libido booster, it also helps to lubricate and sweeten the Virgina….. For use as a sweetener, eats loads of it before intercourse and watch it perform wonders on your yoni. Watermelon contains a sex boosting chemical substance called Citrulline. Citrulline just like nitric oxide, helps dilate the blood vessels of the vagina with better blood flow. With this increased blood flow, the genitals become very lubricated, and even sweetened for the menstrual that likes to lick plate with reckless abandon. Just keep the place shaved and neat for the “devourer”.

The summary, is watermelon is used by some women to make the vagina taste good and fresh. They take watermelon hours to days before the sexual act so as to taste sugary.

Thank you

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