Health benefits of scent leaf and utazi leaf…

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Cook some Utazi leaves and Scent leaves together and drink a shot first thing at morning, you will be amazed with how your body will be energized and rejuvenated.

If you are a man and you don’t use to have sexual urge anymore, try this and thank me later.

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Health benefits of scent leaf and utazi leaf combo.

*The wonders and health benefits of UTAZI LEAF AND SCENT LEAF

*UTAZI LEAF AND SCENT LEAF COMBO IS GOOD liver, kidney and body detoxifier.

Detoxification is a way the body gets rid of waste substances. The liver is the main organ that does this. Sometimes it may need a little help to function effectively…

So, taking utazi leaves and scent leaf water or juice can help to improve the liver overall function, and health.

Scent leaf and utazi leaf can also improve or prevent other liver diseases like hepatitis caused by liver inflammation (from virus, drugs and alcohol) and also eases alcohol intoxication.

Health benefits of scent leaf and utazi leaf
Utazi leaf and scent leaf have many medicinal properties

Scent leaf and utazi leaf combo juice can help prevent the growth of cancer cells. Utazi leaves may help in the prevention of cancer and non-cancerous (benign) cell growth in the body (such as fibroids). The anti-inflammatory and ant-oxidant property it has is the reason for this. The extract/juice from utazi and scent leaf can help to inhibit the activities of these free radicals from causing diseases and inflammation that can lead to the damage of the DNA which causes cancer.

Scent leaf and utazi leaf combo juice helps to relief chronic constipation, prevent diarrhoea and encourage good bowel habit.

Suffering from indigestion and acid reflux from stomach ulcer? While not try scent leaf mixed with utazi or uziza juice? It soothes the the stomach and aids digestion.

Scent leaf and utazi are believed to help to shrink fibroids. Please this is just speculative , go and see a doctor if you have uterine fibroids and trying to conceive, large fibroids will require surgery.

Scent leaf and utazi combo also helps boosts ovulation in women and increases their chances of getting pregnant. Women with scanty menstruation, irregular menses or ceased menstruation will also benefit from the scent leaf and utazi juice.

A combo drink if utazi leaf and scent leaf mixture very morning can help boost libido in both males and females….

Scent leaf and Utazi is good for the growth of healthy skin.

The combo of scent leaf and Utazi lowers blood pressure and blood sugar.

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