Can acyclovir treat tooth infection?

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Acyclovir a drug used to treat diseases or infections caused by viruses. Bacteria getting into your teeth or gums leads to a tooth infection and a subsequent dental abscess. So, you will need antibiotics and not antiviral drugs like #acyclovir to treat $tooth #infection. Other drugs that will be very beneficial in treating tooth infection are painkillers because of its associated pains. You need something to relieve the pains while you are on antibiotics. ANALGESICS like paracetamol , diclofenac, and even opiods helps relieve the pains of dental infection. Suitable antibiotics for your tooth infection will be determined by your dentist.

Can acyclovir treat tooth infection?
Acyclovir cannot cure tooth infection

Acyclovir does not and cannot treat tooth infection of any form.

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