What is Mawu Mawu Medicine? + Side effect of mawu mawu

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Mawu Mawu is a local name for dexamethasone. Locals call dexamethasone mawu mawu which means a drug used to enhance weight or grow bigger buttocks, hips or breasts. I don’t really know if the slang “mawu mawu” originated from the Yorubas or the Hausas. Other names for mawu mawu are dikonga or yodi.

Mawu Mawu (dexamethasone) was not originally designed for weight gain and it is still not medically indicated for such. The weight gain that has been associated with mawu mawu is from the result of the side effects of dexamethasone or dexacortin….Just like other cortisol containing steroids, dexamethasone causes fat depositions, fluid retention and weight gain

Original indication for dexamethasone…

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Dexacortin or Dexamethasone aka the big bum bum pill some people know it as mamu mawu or Yodi. It is a prescription drugs which belongs to a special class of drugs referred to as steroids and cortico-steroids. This drug is meant to treat certain types of cancer, autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases, asthma and all sorts or allergies.

What is Mawu Mawu? + Side effect of mawu mawu
The side effect of mawu mawu for weight gain are dire… Credit: Getty

This drug is popular and it is abused using its side effects of increasing body weight. What abusers probably do not know is that this drug weakens your immune System and expose your body to infections.

When Dexamethasone is abused the following side effects results;

a. Rapid weight gain.
b. Round moon face shape.
c.Thin skin and stretch marks.
d. Fat around the buttocks
e. Baldness (in women and men)
f. Facial hair growth in women
g. inability to sleep
h. Infertility in women
i. excessive sweating
j. Depression and anxiety
k. Stomach ulcer
l. Diabetes
m. Hypertension or high blood pressure
n. osteoporosis (weak bones)
o. Cataracts with its associated poor vision
p. Leg swelling
q. Leg ulcers
r. Gouty ATHRITIS.
s. Susceptibility to all sorts of infection like candidiasis.
t. Deep vein thrombosis that could cause stroke or cardiac arrest.

Further side effects of mawu mawu includes burning, itching, dryness, irritation, pimple-like rashes, skin thinning, boils and increased skin pigmentation.

If you want to become fat, practice a healthy routine and lifestyle, eat healthy food rich in protein multiple times a day,exercise and rest very well. Most especially, avoid mawu mawu for weight gain.

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