The Effects , Social Impact and Implications of Mkpuru Mmiri on the Society.

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Mkpuru mmiri is a parochial word in igbo land that describes misuse or abuse of the crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride. Mkpulu mmiri can be defined as blatant evidence of misuse and abuse of the crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride that has great potentials to induce psychotic episode and cancer in human.

The Social Impact and Implications of Mkpuru Mmiri on the Society
Onyeke Francis(left) sheds light on how mkpuru mmiri ice (right) negatively affect the Nigerian society

Mkpuru mmiri is originally formed from molecules that stoichiometrically bound into crystals;appears like sedimented ice irregularly packed in a wine glass.

It has this crystalline property with colourless and odorless characteristics of “ice” to which would intends to complete the word “Mkpulu mmiri” or “Mkpuru mmiri” depends on which particular igbo dialect. And the “Mkpulu” or “Mkpuru” which implies crystals or cracks.

There’s likelihood of little change in physical property of crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride that made it comes into various forms,appearances and method of use.

We have three types or forms of crystal methamphetamine(ice, base and speed) but the commonest one found in Nigeria especially in South East is “ice”.


1.The first type called “ice” has this appearance like translucency also known as crystal meth and method of use is by smoking or injecting.

2.The second type called “base” has this appearance like dampish colour or brown wax and method of use is by injecting or swallowing.

3.The third type called “speed” has this appearance like white and method of use is snorting or injecting.

Chemical properties of methamphetamine corresponds to that response or reactivity.

Methamphetamine has the chemical formula C10H15N and a molecular mass 149.233 g/mol.

Methamphetamine acts spontaneously by release of aromatic amines known as “catecholamines” which includes a number of neurotransmitters such as serotonin,noradrenaline and dopamine.

This chemical activity in brain leads to an increased synaptic concentration of serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine, and induce increased stimulation of postsynaptic receptors.

Although the tendency of this compound to which it retains it’s chemical property in the human body after “death” is not yet confirmed unless if there is autopsy report, postmortem or any other scientific evidence released after this research.


1. It emits poisonous nitric oxides when heated to decomposition.

2.It is insoluble in ether.

3.It is soluble in chloroform, water and alcohol.

4.It has bitter taste and odorless.

Methamphetamine hydrochloride is sold in market as desoxyn tablets 5mg and adderall tablets which has similar potential effects as stimulant, is used by paediatricians or GP for treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD),narcolepsy, weight reduction,exogenous obesity or refractory obesity cum adjunct in a regimen.

Adderall tablets 10mg has the chemical composition of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine while desoxyn tablets has its composition methamphetamine hydrochloride and the administration/prescription largely depends upon metabolism,contraindication and indication not by weight,age,size etc


The negative impact of drug abuse affects everyone in the society, not only individuals who binge on the use of mkpulu mmiri but also their families and friends, and government resources to fight crimes related drug abuse.

Adverse effects of this mkpulu mmiri has pose a serious challenge and devastating particularly in igbo land and Nigeria at large.

We however, deduce that mkpulu mmiri has now raised serious concern about the following in igbo land:

1.cultural dispossession

CULTURAL DISPOSSESSION: Cultural dispossession means passing through stresses of living with people or in a region that systematically devalues their culture.Mkpulu mmiri has great cultural dispossession in igbo land as unacceptable norms,custom and tradition.

This mkpulu mmiri has caused more harm than good and it is seriously marked with culmination of crimes; suicidal thought, stealing, killings etc

Infact, one would say that I have never seen it good at all the way it has lead to depletion of values,norm,custom and traditions of the igbo land.

It is not in average igbo man’s blood to invite troubles to himself or borrow culture that will destroy us all.

Mkpulu mmiri was never in anywhere in igbo land represents or seen as igbo culture; be it custom of the land or tradition.

ECONOMY: Government fight against crimes related drug abuse had deteriorated sharply in our economy ; and this however pose serious challenge in some families and their businesses.

Based on incurred expenses, some families may give an account of what is draining their resources.

COGNITIVE: Cognitive experiences have profound effects on behavior, mental health and social relationship and emotional wellbeing; for individuals, families and communities.

The binger usually have problem of low self esteem, marriage,relationships, family,finance, mental disturbances and psychotic episode etc
Other problem associated with mkpulu mmiri are poor performances,incoherent talking,gender and domestic violence.

SECURITY: Mkpulu mmiri is not only a threat to humanity;it is also a threat to security and national development. We are now facing a very grievous security challenge in Nigeria cum imported and the very one already tormenting people in the South East ever since advent of mkpulu mmiri.

Drugs-related and offences has become order of the day: such as corruption, manslaughter, armed robbery, kidnapping, rape, malpractices, terrorism, burglary, vandalism, arson,conspiracy etc and economic-compulsive model such as violent property crime.


Increased consumption of this crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride would pose impediment to mass production of desoxyn tablets or it’s equivalent and would cause hike in market price of the drugs related composition.

Other implication of mkpulu mmiri is that it has high potential for abuse, and can also cause cancer,psychotic episode and death.
One common thing as it’s implications is that individuals living with the condition of psychotic episode usually isn’t aware of his or her predicament at that moment.

People under psychotic episode may experience cognitive problems and infraction such as suicide thought, armed robbery, kidnapping, rape, disorientation, thought disorder, false belief, low self esteem, poor performance in class, laziness,mood change; anxiety, feeling detached from self, anger, nervousness, apathy, discontented, psychological deterioration; which includes delusion, paranoia, depression, hearing strange sound or voice, persecutory delusion, talking incoherently, tactile hallucination, strange noises,often speech deficiency, fast and frenzied speaking, manic episode, hyperactivity, persistent repetition of words etc


The harmful effects of mkpulu mmiri outweighs the benefit. Efforts should be made by the government and through the help of community leaders and village youths to put in place proper measures to control blatant evidence of misuse and abuse of these mkpulu mmiri.

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Executive Chairman, ENSIAGG


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