Does cinnamon clean the womb or uterus and boost fertility?

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What does it mean to clean the womb? It is easy. Ladies trying to conceive (infertility) , with fallopian tube blockage and irregular MENSTRUATION always seek different means, herbs and methods of cleansing the womb. Womb cleansing is also a part of post-abortal care for women who want to remove stale blood from their uterus after miscarriage or abortion.

It is a common knowledge that cinnamon has numerous health benefits especially sexually. I found out that a whole lot of women use cinnamon for womb cleansing and detoxing.

Does cinnamon clean the womb?
Does cinnamon clean the womb or uterus? YES.

How do they do it?

It is simple.

Soak cinnamon in water for like 3 hours and drink the water morning and evening. You can also just chew the cinnamon or take tea with its powder every day for like a month.It is better you take cinnamon for uterine cleansing during your period so that it will be able to melt the stale clotted blood blocking your womb and flush out any retained product if conception or menstruation. You will also achieve the same result if you steam inside your body with cinnamon. Cinnamon actually makes sure that every bad blood that is inside your womb will be flushed out. Cinnamon is also available in 500mg capsules which can be taken twice daily to cleanse the womb.

How does cinnamon cleanse the womb?

Cinnamon is one of traditional home remedies for womb cleaning.It helps to relieve menstrual cramps and premenstrual symptoms. Cinnamon is a tonic used to regulate the muscles and tones of the uterus. It helps to return the uterus to its original size, decrease bleeding and swelling after delivery. It contains a special protein that helps in the stimulation of the muscles supporting the uterus. It reduces the accumulation of blood clots during menstruation which helps to detox the uterus. Cinnamon helps in the prevention of adhesion and scar tissue in the uterus because of its anti-inflammatory property. In all, cinnamon increase blood flow to the womb and cleanse it….


It is safe to say cinnamon whether taken alone or combined with ginger or garlic, do help remove or flush out stale blood from the womb and may even help unblock the fallopian tubes for women trying to conceive. Cinnamon also helps boost ovulation and regulates menstruation increasing a woman’s chances of getting pregnant.

Cinnamon is a proven womb rejuvenator and detoxifier. Use it and watch it remove all impurities from your womb preparing it for pregnancy.

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