LUTH Vs LASUTH: Difference between LUTH and LASUTH.

I realised that many persons still have difficulty differentiating between #LUTH and #LASUTH. This is probably because both of these institutions are both teaching hospitals that take care of sick people and train medical students of their respective universities. Moreover, both hospitals are located in the commercial capital of Nigeria – Lagos.

In this article , I am going to show you the differences between LASUTH and LUTH.


LASUTH means Lagos State University Teaching Hospital. It is a state owned teaching hospital specifically established by the Lagos State government to train the medical students of Lagos state university (LASU) ….as well as serve as a medical research centre and as a referral centre for very sick patients. In LASUTH you will find specialist doctors called consultants.

According to Wikipedia: “Lagos State University Teaching Hospital popularly known as LASUTH is a state-owned teaching hospital in Lagos, Nigeria, attached to the Lagos State University. It is in Ikeja – the state’s capital. LASUTH also shares structures with the College of Medicine, Lagos State University. The hospital was established in 1955 from a small cottage health centre by the Old western region. It was converted to a teaching hospital in July 2001.”

Difference between LUTH and LASUTH
LUTH VS LASUTH explained


LUTH means Lagos University Teaching Hospital. It is a federal owned teaching hospital especially built by the federal government of Nigeria to specifically train the medical students of University of Lagos (UNILAG). LUTH is a referral centre for very sick patients and it is stocked full of medical consultants.

According to Wikipedia: Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) is a tertiary hospital established in 1961 and is located in Idi-Araba, Surulere, Lagos State, the administrative division of Nigeria. The teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Lagos College of Medicine established in 1962. The University of Lagos College of Medicine educates students and LUTH provides them with experience through placement and work experience.

LUTH is the largest teaching hospital in Nigeria with 761 beds. It serves about 25 million people in Lagos State.The teaching hospital trains students in the College of Medicine at the University of Lagos in the Medical, Dental, Pharmacology and other departments. It started in 1961 with 330 beds, and today that number has risen to 761.

From the differences highlighted above, it is clear that LUTH is a bigger teaching hospital compared to LASUTH but they both serve the general Lagos public – training medical personnels and treating sick people.

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