health benefits of nyame dua leaves…Medicinal benefits of nyame dua…

Nyame dua tree in English = Alstonia boonei tree or stool wood

Botanical name: Alstonia Boonei
Igbo – Egbu
Yoruba – Ahun
Ewan – Ojegbuklrur

Chemical constituents

#Nyame dua C Alkaloids, echitamime, tannins, and saponin..

Ghanaians, just like other Africans are very fund of traditional medicine and herbal cure. So, they use Alstonia boonei called nyame dua in Twi Ghanaian language for its medicinal properties and health benefits in curing many forms of diseases. I have met some very religious Ghanaians who believe nyame dua has some spiritual uses or spiritual benefits in helping to break curses in marriage and bad luck. These spiritual benefits claims of nyame dua is however, beyond the scope of this article.

In this article , I am going to stick to the medicinal benefits and health benefits or uses of nyame dua tree, bark, roots and leaves.

Health benefits of nyame dua leaves

According to Ghanaian tradomedical folktales , below are the medicinal uses of nyame dua👇

#Fever – Fill a small pot with the bark of stool wood and bring to boil. Take a glass twice daily.

#Diabetes – Boil the fresh leaves and take a glass thrice daily.

#Convulsion – Soak the freshly cut bark in warm. Water for 12 hours. Take a glass twice a day.

#Arthritis – Boil the roots and barks. Allow to stand for 24 hours before you take it. Take half a glass twice daily. A study indicates that local application of nyame dua (Alstonia boonei) is used as analgesic for rheumatic pains, nyame dua tree bark is boiled with garlic and lime and taken 1 glass three times daily.

Health benefits of nyame dua leaves
Nyame dua is a popular plant in Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria and other West African countries

#Mouth odour natural cure – Juice extract mixed with lime and a tinge of salt is used to treat mouth odour.

#Measles: In many ghanaian local and rural communities, nyame dua is applied locally to the skin of children suffering from measles. It is believed that nyame dua cures measles.

#River blindness: Nyame dua in combo with other herbs is used in the treatment of river blindness. River blindness is a common cause of blindness in Africa.

#Hypertension: Drinking nyame dua water every day helps to reduce blood pressure and treat hypertension.

#Intestinal helminthes: Nyame dua helps to remove intestinal worms. Herbal preparations of nyame dua helps to remove stubborn intestinal worms .

#Malaria fever: Do you know that herbal preparations of nyame dua can be used to cure malaria parasite? Yes…it is true.

#Ovulation: In Twi and akan culture in Ghana, their women use nyame dua to boost ovulation and restore ceased menstruation especially if they are trying to conceive.

#Fibroids; Nyame dua is believed to help to shrink fibroids.

#sperm count and weak erection: Men use nyame dua to get rid of premature ejaculation, weak erection and low sperm count.

The side effects of nyame dua are vomiting, abdominal cramps, headaches and possibly allergy.

CAVEAT: Pregnant women and ulcer patients should not take nyame dua please.

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