Medical laboratory scientist internship salary in Nigeria….

Medical lab scientists are a key part of any hospital ….they provide diagnostic services.

According to WEBMD, about 60% to 70% of decisions regarding your diagnosis, treatment, hospital admission, and discharge are based on the results of the medical laboratory scientist’s work.

Medical lab interns are young med lab science graduates that are employed by both the federal and state govt for their compulsory one year paid internship program. Even though, the program is meant to train them and shapen the laboratory diagnostic skills of interns, the lab interns are paid a monthly salary.

Medical laboratory scientist internship salary in Nigeria
A medical laboratory Science intern in one of the federal teaching hospitals in Nigeria

How much is med lab scientists paid in Nigeria?

This is the purpose of this article…with the new salary structure of health workers (with increment of minimum wage), a medical laboratory scientist intern earns about #150,000 monthly before tax and takes home around #130,000 naira after tax and dues deductions. A medical lab science intern in federal teaching hospitals and federal medical centres earns more than his or her counterpart in state owned hospitals….they also enjoy better welfare and better working environment. With the above mentioned salary, we can conclude that a medical lab interns earns 1.8million naira per annum….

Medical laboratory scientist internship salary in Nigeria varies for both state owned and federal owned hospitals. For example, a medical lab science intern in National Hospital Abuja earns a salary of #160,000 naira monthly after tax compared to a medical lab scientist intern in in the state owned Central Hospital Benin, that earns about 120,000 naira after tax.

Further reading…

I culled this from the website of WEBMD

What Does a Medical Laboratory Scientist Do?
Medical laboratory scientists are like the detectives of the healthcare world. They look for clues that can shed light on the diagnosis and treatment of a disease or injury.

They work closely with doctors and other medical laboratory technicians to diagnose and monitor diseases. They also assess how well any therapies and medications work. Areas of medical laboratory training include:

👉Hematology (the study of blood)
👉Molecular diagnostics toxicology
👉Transfusion medicine (the study of the use of blood to treat or prevent diseases)

Medical laboratory scientists have a wide variety of responsibilities and duties. They can:
👉Cross-match blood for transfusion
👉Create quality assurance programs to monitor and ensure the accuracy of test results
👉Examine and analyze blood, body fluids, tissues, and cells
👉Monitor patient outcomes
👉Perform tests to look for abnormal cells
👉Oversee the work of other medical laboratory technicians
👉Give test results to doctors
👉Use microscopes, cell counters, and other high-precision lab equipment.

I hope this is self explanatory. Are you a medical lab scientist? How much were you paid during your internship period?


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