Andrews liver salts weight loss, Does andrew liver salt reduce belly fat?

It is no longer news that many persons especially ladies abuse the laxative property of Andrews liver salt for weight loss and belly fat reduction.

Yes it is true…very true. They purge themselves by taking overdose of Andrews liver salt with the belief that it will help them pass out excess body fats and cholesterol. Andrews liver salt is a slimming down tea for many people.People can do anything to shed fat and one of them is the use of Andrews liver salts as a weight loss drug.

Andrews liver salts weight loss
Can Andrews liver salt be used for weight loss and flat tummy?

The truth is, Andrews liver salt is yes a laxative and an antacid. It is used to treat mild stomach discomfort and indigestion. It is also used to relieve abdominal bloating, heartburns, constipation and tummy pains. Andrews liver salt is not indicated for use in weight reduction or belly fat reduction …people who try to use it are simply abusing it.Moreover, taking Andrews liver salt everyday for weight loss and belly slimming can be harmful to your health. Abuse of Andrews liver salt can cause severe diarrhoea, hypertension, dehydration and even coma or death.

It is not stated anywhere that andrews liver salt is effective for weight loss or tummy fat reduction.

Here is what Wikipedia ans Other authority health sites have to say about Andrews liver salt….

Andrews liver salts acts as an antacid and laxative for your stomach problem. Its uses include providing relief to your heartburn, indigestion and constipation issues.

Because of the sodium content, frequent use by patients on a low sodium diet should be avoided. This includes patients with hypertension and cardiac or renal dysfunction. Because of the sucrose content, diabetics should use with caution. If a laxative is required every day, if there is persistent abdominal pain, or if symptoms persist consult your doctor.

Diarrhoea may occur with extensive and abusive usage. Frequent or prolonged use in patients with severe renal dysfunction may lead to hypermagnesaemia and hypocalcaemia.

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You can now see why you should stop abusing Andrews liver salt for weight loss and belly fat reduction. It does not work. So stop using it. Thank you

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