How to use alligator pepper for weight loss

Alligator pepper is well known for its fat burning, belly slimming and weight loss ability….#Alligator pepper has other health benefits which i will talk about later.

How to use alligator pepper for weight loss…

It is easy and straightforward, eat 2 alligator pepper daily and combine it with exercise.


Soak alligator pepper in honey for 48 hours and drink daily for weight loss for one month….you will start seeing results in 4 weeks….Also watch your diet and exercise more often.


Grind alligator pepper and mix it with honey for #weight #loss….Drink it morning and evening…then add exercise and dieting…it helps in weight reduction and flattening of big tummy.

No side effects but if you have stomach ulcer, don’t use #alligator #pepper for weight reduction please….it worsens ulcer pains.

How to use alligator pepper for weight loss
How to use alligator pepper for weight loss

It is important for me to also highlight the other health benefits of alligator pepper you may not know.

Benefits of Alligator Pepper are:

1. Consumption Purposes
Both the seeds and leaves can also be used for garnishing salads and for preparing assorted dishes.

2. Anti-oxidizing Properties
Alligator pepper is used for preventing and tackling intestinal problems.

3. Malaria Treatment
Alligator pepper leaves are used for preparing herbal medicines for preventing and treating malaria.

4. Digestive Properties
The seeds aid easy digestion of food so it prevent constipation and bloating.

5. Lowers blood sugar
Alligator pepper is useful for someone with diabetes ensuring the regulation of their blood sugar, Also, protecting them from complications of the disease such as blindness and limb amputation.

Allegator pepper have anti-inflammatory properties

Alligator pepper is a good source of various minerals, including calcium, magnesium and zinc. The amino acids, which are used to build proteins, found in alligator pepper include l-Threonine; humans don’t naturally produce this amino acid so we need to get it from our diet.

Alligator pepper contains many antioxidants, which come in the form of flavonoids, tannins and terpenoids, providing benefits that include scavenging free radicals in the body that can cause inflammation.

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