What happens if you drink 3 monsters in a day? What happens if you drink Monster everyday?

Energy drinks on their own are not healthy and drinking more than one energy drink (monster drink or red bull) a day is like a death sentence to your brain, heart , kidneys and liver. If you want to drink monster enwrgy drink a day, you should not take more than one a day, taking like 3 monster drinks a day will harm your kidneys , liver, brain, and heart. Nobody in his/her right senses will take monster drink every day or decide to drink 3 monster energy drink in 24 hours….Do you want to kill yourself….Monster drink is heavily loaded with caffeine and taking too much of caffeine is deleterious to your health like poor sleep, lack of coordination, paand stomach ulcer, palpitation, seizures and cardiac arrest.

It is important for me to know whathappens if you drink 3 monsters in a day….

Read this touching post I culled from Facebook…..A man, whose son takes energy drink in large quantity daily took to Facebook to share the the health risks and dangers the son face….he narrated how his son landed in hospital due to the side effects of taking energy drink daily.

Energy Drink Dangers

**Dad Joe Slaughter shared his sons story to raise awareness.**

Good Morning Everyone,

I would like to take a moment to share a story with all of you. While some may not have any children still at home, the information still is very much true for your College aged Children and beyond.

This past Saturday, my Wife and I was at the Fire Station helping work Our Dept’s Fish Fry. My Mom an Dad was nice enough to come down and spend the day with my 3 youngest Children while my older 2, 14 and 17 had to work at their jobs.

What happens if you drink 3 monsters in a day?
What happens if you drink 3 monsters in a day?

Around 315ish, while running errands for the FD, I received a call from one of my Firefighters to get to My sons place of employment now. My wife had just received a call that something had happen to my 14 year old at work and that she had left the Station like a bat out of h*ll.

I obviously immediately headed there and called my wife to let her know I was inroute, only to be told by her through her tears and hysteria that she doesn’t know what’s going on but my Son has been shocked by the FD on scene. Needless to say, I quickly reduced my travel time by going emergent to the scene in the FD apparatus I was driving at the time to find my 14 yr old son on the ground, and unresponsive. The Medic Crew informed me that He was in SVT (Super Ventricular Tachycardia) and was shocked twice to get his heart back into a sinus rhythm.

As I arrived on scene they was just about to move Him to the ambulance, and my wife had arrived on scene and parked a bit away but behind the ambulance and watched them load Our Son who to her appeared to be completely lifeless. She was as you can imagine hysterical and I had to drive her to the Hospital following the Ambulance.

Upon our arrival at the Hospital, because I’m a Firefighter/EMT and was in Uniform. I was allowed to walk in with the medic crew to the Shock Room while my wife went and parked the car.

Long story short, my son was unresponsive for well over an hour at the Hospital on top of the time He was unresponsive during transport.
But did eventually wake up.

My son was a victim of Energy Drinks, not drugs.

He had as all adolescents do, over indulged in good tasting energy drinks and it caused his heart to go into SVT as well as a Seizure. (My son has no past medical history).

He is home but will have to do follow ups with a Cardiologist and a Neurologist later this week.

As a result of this incident, I’ve started doing research on my own with the help of a lot of Other Medical Professionals from Our Community.


The average container of Energy Drinks have around 160mg of Caffeine per container.

At 200mg most adolescents start to experience side affects from the caffeine.

At 400 mg it causes severe side affect to include tachycardia, seizures as well as liver and Kidney issues.

It’s recommended that Adolescents not consume more than 100mg per day of Caffeine based off the research I’ve been able to find.

I’m not looking for Sympathy, as a parent and a Member of Public Safety. I’ve made it my mission now to raise awareness with Parents and the Students of My Community on the true dangers these drinks have.

I would also add that adolescents aren’t the only ones affected. Adults can and are as easily affected if they overindulge (take too much energy drinks).

I would Encourage all of you to do a little research on your own, take the time to educate your own Children. Whether they still live at home or not. I wouldn’t wish the Hel* We went through this past Saturday on my worst enemy.

Summary, taking monster energy drinks l, bullet, fearless , red bull every day can land you in the intensive Care Unit for multiple organ damage. Do not drink 3 monster a day.

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