Is Red Bull bad for your kidneys? Does Monster hurt your kidneys? Monster energy drink side efects kidneys.

What are the effect of energy drinks on the kidneys, liver and heart?

Can energy drinks cause kidney infection?

Can energy drinks cause kidney stones?

Can energy drinks cause kidney damage?

Did you know?

*For every 20 ounce Monster you drink, it takes 6.3 gallons of water to flush it out of your kidneys. 😳 It would take the average person more than 14 days to consume that much water.

*For every 20 ounce Sugar Free Red Bull you drink, it takes nearly a gallon of water to flush it out of your kidneys. 😳 The average person drinks less than a gallon of plain drinking water in 2 days.

Is Red Bull bad for your kidneys? Does Monster hurt your kidneys?
Is Red Bull bad for your kidneys? Does Monster hurt your kidneys?

*☠️ Energy drinks hyperstimulate your adrenal glands to increase hydrocortisone and adrenalin production, and then the GABA amino acid comes in to suppress the hyperstimulation so you don’t feel jittery. All this extra work for your adrenal glands can lead to adrenal fatigue or crash. The extra hydrocortisone your adrenal glands are producing makes you resistant to insulin.

*☠️ Throw in all those artificial sweeteners that energy drinks contain, and your pancreas will be working overtime. This can lead to weight gain that shows up specifically in the abdomen. All of this hyperstimulation and production can cause metabolic syndrome, the initial symptoms of which include abdominal obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol. As metabolic syndrome progresses, it leads to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and nerve damage.

*😦Each energy drink contains anywhere between 40 to 240 mg of caffeine in them. While they might increase mental alertness for a few hours, energy drinks have also been known to cause irregular heartbeat, anxiety, jitters, increased blood pressure and thickening of the blood.

*😱Additionally, a 2015 study published in the Journal of Medical Cases found that consuming energy drinks can induce cardiac arrest.💔

TRUTH: Energy drinks are rich in caffeine and oxalates. Caffeine and oxalates can cause kidney stones and can damage the kidneys. Energy stones can cause kidney infection via kidney stones….Persons who take energy drinks are found to have high creatinine levels in their blood, this is the first sign of kidney injury in energy drinks addicts. Red bull energy drink and monster energy drinks are bad for your kidneys and they can hurt your kidneys very bad….all energy drinks can…even the so called sugar-free energy drinks can damage your kidneys…they are not better either.

Lets talk about a cleaner option, one that can fuel your body and mind WITHOUT destroying your insides. That drink is water…drink plenty water to hydrate yourself amd flush toxins out of your kidneys….water is a friend of the kidneys, liver and heart.


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