Can energy drinks cause blood in stool? mailbox..

A guy who takes excessive quantity of energy drinks noticed blood in his stool and writes to find out why?

Good evening doctor….my name is Elvis.I take energy drinks alot…I consume at least 2 cans of monster or bullet daily…Just recently I went binging on energy drinks in a clubhouse. I later passed out in the club and I found myself in the house the following morning…I am lucky I survived the binging….however , I realised that I have been passing bloody stool since then…Whenever I pass stool, I noticed that the stool or poop is very black and smells very bad. I have become anemic…my packed cell volume as at yesterday was 28% and I have become weak. All this started when I took large volumes of red bull and other energy drinks.

Please doctor, I want to find out if energy drinks can make blood appear a my stool…I am very worried. Help me please. I am just 23 years old.

Can energy drinks cause blood in stool?
Can energy drinks cause blood in stool?

My reply:

Sorry about your ordeal Mr Elvis…Energy drinks are notorious for causing erosion of the stomach and intestines as well as stomach ulcers. This is because of its high content of caffeine. What you are experiencing is called upper gastrointestinal bleeding caused by the energy drink binging you were involved in…That is why you noticed blood in your stool and your blood level dropped with associated weakness. It is probable that energy drink has injured your intestinal lining and that is why you are seeing blood in your stool and at the same time, it is the reason for your passing black foul smelling stool. You need to see a doctor immediately to evaluate your condition, examine you, request for some tests and possibly admit you to stop the bleeding plus for even possible blood transfusion.

Your binge drinking energy drinks have ulcerated your stomach and you need to do something about it. The reason for your seeing blood in stool is most likely as a result of the energy drinks you abuse everyday. You have to stop please.

Though the blood in your stool is as a result of your energy drinks consption, it is important for you to see other posaible causes of bloody stool.

Other possible causes of blood in stool

They are:

What diseases and conditions can cause blood in the stool (rectal bleeding)?
👉Anal fissures.
👉Cancers and polyps of the rectum and colon.
👉Abnormal blood vessels in the lining of the intestines (angiodysplasia)
👉Ulcerative colitis.
👉Ulcerative proctitis.
👉Crohn’s colitis.

Mr Elvis, it is evident that the blood in your stool was caused by energy drinks…I advise you to go and see a doctor immediately.

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