Effects of energy drinks on the teenage body….energy drinks are killing teenagers.

Does your teen drink energy drinks?

You might see your kid with a can of bullet, predator, cobra energy drink, dragon energy drink, mother, monster or redbull and think nothing of it!

I’ve recently had to have a chat to one of the teen titans mums about their kid consuming 2 to 3 cans of monster a day and having a dizzy spell in training!

energy drinks may contain more than 500mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to 14 cans of caffeinated soft drinks and up to 80g of sugar per can. They put all kinds of things in to make them addictive and normally kills your appetite!

This article is a good warning to teenage energy drink addicts. The caffeine content per serve can be around 160 mg. Two serves at 320 mg in a short period can cause racing heart or even seizures in susceptible people. Three serves is over the 400mg of caffeine which is cited as the danger limit.

According to research by Chapman University, 40% of teenagers (aged 13-19) that consume energy drinks experience side effects such as insomnia, seizures, tachycardia (fast heart beat), nausea and vomiting, jitteriness and headaches. In some extreme cases, the teenager may experience seizures and may go into a coma.

Effects of energy drinks on the teenage body
Effects of energy drinks on the teenage body

According to the report, teenagers who regularly take energy drinks might have a risk of sleep issues, poor learning and poor performance at school.

Have a chat with your teen and see if they are drinking energy drinks!


The average container of Energy Drinks have around 160mg of Caffeine per container.

At 200mg most adolescents or teenagers start to experience side affects from the caffeine.

At 400 mg it causes severe side affect to include tachycardia, seizures as well as liver and Kidney issues.

It’s recommended that Adolescents not consume more than 100mg per day of Caffeine based off the research I’ve been able to find.

I’m not looking for Sympathy, as a human and a Member of Public Safety. I’ve made it my mission now to raise awareness with Parents and the Students of My Community on the true dangers these energy drinks have.

I would also add that adolescents aren’t the only ones affected. Adults can and are as easily affected if they overindulge.

I would Encourage all of you to do a little research on your own, take the time to educate your own Children. Whether they still live at home or not.



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