Does fenugreek dry up breast milk? Does fenugreek decrease breast milk?

Dear doctor,

I have a problem ….I am a 27 years old breast feeding mother….my baby is just 3 months old. Just recently I started using this herbal product called fenugreek because I read somewhere that it has numerous health benefits one of which is the increase or boosting of breast milk production. So I started taking fenugreek seeds just to increase the amount of breast milk supply. To my surprise, after taking the fenugreek consecutively for two weeks, I realised that my breast has stopped producing milk and now dry. I mean, there is a great decrease in the amount of milk my breast produce daily….is it possible that the fenugreek I took has dried up my breast milk? I thought it was supply to increase my breast milk production and breast milk supply? I am scared, I intended to do exclusive breast feeding but with this recent development , I am forced to start my baby on formulae at three months…

My question is, Does fenugreek dry up breast milk? Does fenugreek decrease breast milk?

Awaiting your reply. Rosemary for Ghana

My reply;

Thank you Rosemary for reaching out. Sorry about your experience. It is a bad testimony of the possible side effects of fenugreek…Eating fenugreek can tamper with your female milk producing hormones like prolactin, oestrogen, progesterone, oxytocin….you see it is actually possible for fenugreek to mess up your breastmilk production. While some women have testified that fenugreek increased their milk production and let-down, others have complained of how fenugreek dried up their breast milk. The answer to your question is therefore mixed.

Does fenugreek dry up breast milk?
Fenugreek seeds and breast milk production

Rosemary,fenugreek may not necessarily be the reason for your decreased breast milk production. Here are some reasons why you may be having a drop in your breast milk production….

1. Stress…yes, too much stress can dry up breast milk

2. Poor feeding…a nursing mother that is malnourished will have poor milk production.

3. Herbs …and drugs…some herbs and drugs can affect breast milk supply negatively.

4…Diseases…a sick mother will have low breast milk supply for the baby.

So blaming a decrease in breast milk production only on fenugreek may not be totally correct.

Summary; there is a likelihood that fenugreek may dry up breast milk supply…but other causes of decreased breast milk production should be excluded. I advise you see a doctor if you notice changes in your breast milk production. Thank you.


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