Is Aju Mbaise good for nursing mothers? Can breastfeeding mothers take aju mbaise?

Aju mbaise is a natural herb from mbaise, a community in Imo state, South Eastern Nigeria. It has so many health benefits but these advantages or benefits should never be taken too far…aju mbaise should never be taken by nursing or breastfeeding mothers. Aju mbaise is not safe in nursing mothers or breastfeeding mums…This is because,aju mbaise is secreted or excreted into breast milk which will eventually be ingested by the baby….aju mbaise is not good for babies especially babies still been breastfed.

Is Aju Mbaise good for nursing mothers?
Aju mbaise and nursing mothers.


Breastfeeding or nursing mothers should not take aju mbaise because it will end up in the breastmilk which the baby will later eat…aju mbaise in the body system of a baby can damage the baby’s liver and kidney just like every other herbs. Your baby’s organs are simply not developed enough for the excretion of herbal products. So, avoid drinking aju mbaise if you are a nursing mother, you can however use it for uterine cleansing, belly massage and steaming if you want….it is safe this way.

It is necessary for me to quickly take you the benefits of aju mbaise especially to a woman.


1) This herbs help to detoxify, cleanse and sanitize the womb after delivery.

2) It get rid of the stale and bad blood in the womb, the excess water and every post-natal substances that may be left hence allowing the stomach to return to its normal size

3) It also help the woman cycle to normalize and ready for conception

4) Stop painful and scanty menstruation

5) For detoxification: A woman who just miscarried can take it too to clear off dead particles

6) It enhances fertility in woman

7) It regulate ovulation problem

8) It prevent mouth odour that comes out from the stomach


* It flattens the tummy
* It relieves menstrual cramps
* It helps for fibroid
* It helps reduce pot belly in men and women
* It treat infections
* It flushes waste from your system
* It regulate ovulation
* It’s enhances fertility
* It does not purge after taking it.
* For detoxification
* A woman who just miscarried can take it too to clear off dead particles and get the womb ready for conception

* It nourishes the skin


* First wash the wrap in a running water. Don’t unrap it so your pot won’t full with leaves.

* Put two bottles of ragolise or big Eva water inside your pot and your Aju mbaise. Set to boil for 20 minutes or till the colour is like Lipton

* Remove the wrap and drain it. You can use it maximum of three times.

* For effective result. Drink it hot, not worm or cold……Yes. for your tummy to feel it’s hotness.

* Drink five to six wraps and you will be amazed .

* Now back to your pot, add salt to taste, add pepper to taste (if you wish) – not fresh pepper please. You can now put it off and cool it. Then drink like water at least 2 times a day. If you are trying to conceive, start taking it once your period starts and every day till one week.

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  1. U said it’s not good for for breast feeding mom then how can woman who just birth take drink it because I don’t see why a woman will not breast feed her baby just because of this so that means it’s no good for women who just gave birth

  2. Am confused here, you said is good for a woman who just deliver and also not good for babies. I don’t understand it all.


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