BRAIN DRAIN: FG is Wasting Money in Training Resident doctors….Stop Wasting Money on Resident Doctors that will leave the country after training – JOHESU to Federal Government.

Joint Health Workers Union, JOHESU, a vocal antagonist of doctors and doctors’ union (NARD and NMA) has yesterday admonished the Federal Government of Nigeria to take a look again at the funding of residency training for doctors …JOHESU said in a communique that the Federal government should reconsider or at best stop funding medical doctors specialist (residency) training since doctors are leaving the country in droves in search of greener pastures. The Union comprising nurses, medical lab scientists, pharmacists, medical record staff etc feels the federal government has no justification to continue spending heavily on medical doctors that will later leave the country after becoming consultants at tax payers expense.

Here is the communique released by JOHESU admonishing the Nigerian Government to scrap the funding of residency training for doctors👇

BRAIN DRAIN: FG is Wasting Money in Training Resident doctors - JOHESU
BRAIN DRAIN: FG is Wasting Money in Training Resident doctors – JOHESU

JOHESU went further to suggest to the federal government to ensure that doctors should be made to sign a 10 year service bond after training… with this, a newly qualified consultant will by bound by law to work in Nigeria for at most 10 years before she or he can travel to a foreign country to practice medicine. From the communique released by the health workers association on the 1st and 2nd of January, the union unequivocally told the Nigerian government to stop funding residency training if doctors refused to sign a patriotic service bond that will see them serve Nigeria and the Nigerian people for 10years…they said resident doctors should now opt for self sponsorship.

The Union also went further to accuse the federal government of bias in funding health workers training. They lambasted the federal government for only funding residency training for medical doctors while abandoning residency training programmes for resident pharmacists, nurses and medical laboratory scientists who self sponsor themselves. JOHESU said a resident pharmacist, nurse and lab scientist spends close to #2.5 Naira to #3.5 million Naira (out of pocket) to become a consultant.

JOHESU also admonished the Federal government to scrap honorary consultancy for medical doctors saying it is unjust and criminal.They accused medical doctors of monopolizing leadership positions in our teaching hospitals and federal medical centres.

Here are the other pages of the memo released by JOHESU…

Stop training resident doctors that will later run out of the country -JOHESU

Since the commencement of the ongoing National Association of Resident Doctor’s (NARD strike), medical doctors have come under serious attacks on social media by some Nigerians who think Nigerian doctors are unpatriotic and ungrateful to the country who spent billions of Naira training them only for them to run to other countries like Saudi Arabia, UK, USA and other European countries without giving back to the Nigerian society that made them. The most vocal critic of Nigerian doctors lately is Jack Obinyan, a former Aide to Edo state governor, Governor Obaseki…

Here is what he had to say about Nigerian 👇

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