Semolina Vs Semovita : Is semolina better than semovita? Semolina and #semovita, which is better and what is their differences?

Truth be told, there are a lot of people out there who are confused about differences between or the similarities between semovita and semolina…. Many people including chefs, use semolina and #semovita interchangeably. The truth is that both #semolina and #semovita are siamese twins and are one of the the same.

#Semolina and #semovita are refined swallow both originally from wheat and they are used to eat traditional soups in Nigeria, West Africa… Soups like egusi, okra, Afang, eforiro, black soup, ogbono, bitter leaf soup, Banga soup, vegetable soup, ewedu etc. go well with #semolina and #semovita….

It is important at this point for me to highlight the salient information, differences, similarities and ingredients of both semovita and semolina so as to enlighten us.

Semolina Vs Semovita : Is semolina better than semovita?
#Semolina Vs Semovita

Here is what I could get from my various researches on the internet:

1. What is semovita flour made from? Semolina is made from coarsely ground durum wheat while semovita is made from semolina. So, semovita is actually a brand of semolina.

2. Wheat and all its products contain gluten. Semolina and #semovita therefore contain gluten. People with gluten intolerance should not eat #semolina or #semovita. See gluten free foods here.

3. Both #semolina and semovita are refined from wheat and are fortified with proteins and vitamins especially vitamin A.

4. Both semolina and semovita have a whitish or off-white colour.

5. Even with proper preservation, both prepared #semovita and #semolina swallow turns a little brownish.. it does not mean they have gone bad.

5. Apart from swallow, semolina is also used to make pasta, couscous, etc.

6. 100g of semolina or semovita gives about 360 calories. Both semovita and semolina are not good for diabetics or people watching their weight.

7. Whole wheat contains all three parts of the grain; the bran, germ and endosperm, so it is far healthier and contains much more beneficial nutrients than any refined wheat product. This statement means that whole wheat swallow is healthier than the two semos…. #semolina and #semovita.

Due to the fact that fiber, a lot of vitamins and other micronutrients which are important for good health are lost during the processing of #semovita and #semolina, the end product is usually fortified with proteins and vitamins but little or no fiber. #Semolina and semovita can cause constipation as it contains little or no fibre.

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