How to tighten your virginia naturally..

Ladies suffering from vagina laxity and looseness as a result of child birth or age use the following natural remedies for tightening.

They are:

1. Alum and alum water

Alum and alum water is very alkaline and corrosive. Inserting alum “inside your body” and douching with alum water is believed to help in virginia tightening.. Alum has been used for centuries to narrow the vagina canal after childbirth.

2. Garlic

It is true that garlic helps remove vaginal infection like candidiasis and bacteria vaginosis. Other women have found a different use for the almighty garlic…. They put garlic bulbs inside their body overnight to help in tightening. Washing the vigina with garlic water is also believed to help in tightening.

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3. Aloe Vera

Douching with Aloe Vera juice is believed to promote tightening and reduce vagina laxity in women.

4. Groundnut water

I never knew raw groundnut water and even raw groundnut is used for tightening until a lady actually confessed to me that she uses it. Whether groundnut water works for tightening remains to be known but I noticed lots of ladies believe in it.

5. Cloves and clove water

Clove and clove water still remains the most popular herbal for tightening. Steaming and douching inside your body with cloves is actually used by some ladies after childbirth for tightening. How to tighten your virginia naturally? Use it for steaming.

How to tighten your virginia naturally
How to tighten your virginia naturally..

6. Steaming

I talked about using garlic, cloves, and even lime for steaming in order to tighten you before now. Many female celebrities steam inside their body for tightening.

7. Lime

Women are famous for washing inside their body every morning for tightening and for treating looseness. Lime is believed to remove excess slime from your “property” and make it taut, contracted and very tight.

8. Squats and Kegel exercises

Regular squats and Kegel exercises help tighten the perineal floor muscles and promotes tightening. Squats and Kegel exercises also helps relieve urine leaks and urinary incontinence.

9. Hot water

Can hot water tighten the Virgina? Well hot water douching is believed to help in tightening especially to remove the looseness and laxity associated with vaginal birth.

10. Creams

There are numerous “vigina tightening creams” in the market. … Many ladies spend a good sum of money on tightening creams but the problem is that…. They are not effective virgina tigteners.

12. Medicines that tighten the vigina

There are some pills, drugs and vagina pessaries believed to help in tightening…. Women insert these pills inside their bodies every night to help with tightening… These drugs are not effective or at best they do not work for Ashanti tightening.

13. Hot water and salt.

On how to tighten your virginia naturally, salt and hot water is very cheap and affordable. Salted warm or hot water is used for tightening. Ladies usually wash inside their body with salt and hot water for tightening because salt is corrosive. This can cause vagina irritations and even burns… Be careful.

14. Goron tula

A major contributor component of Kayan mata. Goron tula helps with lubrication and even vigina tightening. That is why it is very popular among Nigerian women. Goron tula is an aphrodisiac.

15. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is used for douching to aid tightening.. It remains to be seen if this herbal plants is good for tightening but ladies actually trust it.

16. Mango seed

Mango seed is now very annoying Nigerian ladies for tightening. These ladies put dry mango seed inside their body every night to achieve a taut you know. Mango seed is believed to help absorb excess water in the Virgina, removes infection and then tighten it.

17. Yoni pearls

Ladies insert yoni pearls for tightening. Yoni pearls, originally from India, is used for vagina rejuvenation, wash and infection.

17. Dry gin

Let it not shock you. Women douche with dry gin does tightening. Women who wash inside their body with dry gin suffer some form of irritation, dryness and burns.

18. Herbal preparations

Some women put herbs inside their body for vigina tightening.. They used many of these popular Yoruba herbs and herbal concoctions for tightening. The problem here is that it makes them prone to genital infections.

19. Apple cedar vinegar

Apple cedar vinegar (ACV) is used to wash inside the female body for tightening. Apple cedar vinegar is a good vigina wash that is also used to remove infections… It is not known if apple cedar vinegar actually helps in tightening.

20. Toothpaste

Toothpaste especially Colgate toothpaste pastr have been reported to be the latest culprit used for Virgina tightening. It is a bad idea and must never be tried… The menthol in toothpaste causes infection, burns and injuries.

21. Vicks vaporub

Vicks vaporub is one of the most abused product among ladies. It has a very unbearable burning feeling… yesterday some ladies rub vicks vaporub inside their bodies for tightening…. It highly not recommended…

22. Kayanmata

Kayan mata is an Hausa herbal aphrodisiac that boost sexual desire and sexual stamina in women. It is used to treat vaginal dryness. Kayan mata has been used for centuries for tightening by the Hausa and Nigerian people.

23. Potash (Kaun)

While writing this article, a lady just informed me that potash, called Kaun in Yoruba language, Nigeria is used for tightening. Some ladies douche with the kaun water or insert the kaun stone directly.

24. Coke and fanta

Some women used drinks like coke, fanta, sprite, Mountain Dew, 7Up, teem soda, Pepsi, mirinda and what have you for douching in order to achieve tightening.

25. Bitters

Do you know that some ladies use bitters alcoholic drinks for tightening… Well, this is a topic to be discussed another day.

26. Ice cubes

Inserting ice cubes is believed to help tighten the loose ends of the woman but this is temporary.

Verdict: All these methods listed above are not scientifically proven or backed and are at best risky… The surest way of tightening still remains vaginoplasty…. a surgical procedure.

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