Can yogurt boost sperm count?

It is generally believed among men that yoghurt can increase sperm count, boost sperm quality, boost sperm production, and boost sperm motility…. It is also believed that yogurt increases testosterone production.

I don’t really know how true this is.. So I decided to sample some opinions from the social media…. It was surprising to see that persons use yoghurt for its sexual benefits…


Please, who told Nigerian men that yogurt replenishes lost sperm? 💃💃💃

General Bubu

Yogurt works for sperm count especially when taken with banana…Yoghurt + banana has some good sexual health benefits.


I don‘t like yogurt but milk with matina boosts sperm count, motility and sperm volume for me. Just dey pass oooo


I once had low sperm count and I was advised to get Greek yogurt. I drank Greek yogurt religiously together with eating enough banana. sperm count increased tremendously after about 2 months….I can say yoghurt boost sperm count.

Can yogurt boost sperm count?
Can yogurt boost sperm count?

Madam shola

I have been giving my husband yoghurt and banana smoothie to boost up his juices for decades and it works.


As a man, I use yogurt and milk to boost my sperm count whenever I am ready for other room actions. It works for milk and makes the stuff very thick.


There was a time my husband was told he had low sperm count, I did not worry, I made sure I gave him greek yoghurt morning and evening, today we have 3 kids ..


I don’t know if yoghurt boost sperm count, but I am aware it makes sperm thick and cures watery sperm.


I tried using yoghurt to cure my azoospermia but it didn’t work for me I must confess…The problem was later sorted out with surgery. I had varicocele.


Yoghurt does not only boost sperm count but also increase libido in men for other room actions. Yoghurt cures oligospermia. Most doctors have even recommend yoghurt for men.


I have been using yoghurt to boost my sperm count and treat oligospermia for about a month now and it is not working. My friends told me that it worked for them though.


Health experts as I know of have always recommended that men who take yoghurt are very virile with normospermia.


Yogurt is said to be a sperm booster and men now drink it to keep fit if you know what I mean.

Thank you.


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