Let us talk about lip reduction surgery in Ghana and Nigeria and what it costs to do lip reduction surgery in these two countries.

Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa are the 3 countries with the highest number of cosmetic surgery in Africa ranging from tummy tuck , breast reduction and enlargement surgery, Brazilian buttocks Lift, buttocks enlargement surgeries etc.

Today let us look at Lip reduction surgery.

Lips are central to features of face. Asymmetries in size and shape of lips can be very noticeable. Increase size of lips can cause excessive dryness of lips & crusting. This can be treated with lip reduction surgery.

Lip Reduction Surgery in Ghana and Nigeria including Cost
Before and after lip picture of reduction surgery.

Lip reduction OR lip augmentation procedure is a facial plastic surgery that involves removing skin tissues from the lower or upper lips, or sometimes both. This is done in an effort to reshape the entire lip area. Lip reduction plastic surgery reforms the lips to a more pleasing size and shape.

Other names for lip surgeries: lip lift, lip augmentation, lip shaping.

Candidates for Lip reduction surgery

Patients selection is very key and not all clients are eligible for lip reduction. Candidates for lip reduction surgery are generally those who want to change their facial appearance. Most people who get this type of surgery have naturally large lips, or they have larger than desired lips from a prior augmentation surgery.

Your lips can also change with age. Lip reduction may be a viable solution for any resulting asymmetry. It’s also common to get the lip reduction procedure in addition to other aesthetic treatments, such as dermal fillers. Lip reduction techniques may also be used as corrective procedures for cleft lip and palate.

Still, not everyone is a candidate.


Lip reduction surgery takes 30 to 45 minutes. Performed under local anaesthesia. Before surgery marking is done. Absorbable stitches are used.

After Surgery Care

Following surgery swelling can occur. Recovery may take around 5 days. Initially liquid or soft diet is advocated for few days. Final results may take 3 to 6 months.

During recovery, your doctor may recommend applying ice packs to your lips. You might also consider over-the-counter pain relievers, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. See your surgeon if your postsurgery symptoms last longer than two weeks.

Side Effects

Lip reduction surgery can lead to:
*Swelling of lips
*Infection (wound breakdown)
*allergic reaction to the anaesthesia
*disfigurement of the lips…. may become worse but this is very rare.

Still, lip reduction surgery is considered safe overall when performed by an experienced and board-certified plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

Cost of lip reduction surgery

In the United States, lip reduction surgery cost about $2,000.

In Nigeria, lip reduction surgery cost about N500,000 – N1,000,000 Naira.

In Ghana, lip reduction surgery is about GHC 1,500 – GHC 2,000.

Where to do lip reduction surgery in Ghana?

There are about 13 plastic surgeons in Ghana. They can be found in the major teaching hospitals in the country, Korle Bu, Komfo Anokye, Cape Coast and 37 Military Hospitals.

They can also be found in some private hospitals, including Nyaho Medical Centre. So you can do these lip surgeries in the above mentioned centres.

Where to do lip reduction surgery in Nigeria

In Benin city, Laurel Medical Center. situated at Upper Mission Road does liposuction reduction surgeries with so much finesse. UBTH also have plastic surgeons for lip surgeries.

In Lagos and Abuja, your best bet stiffen remains Dr Laser (Dr Aranmolate)… Dr Okoro, a plastic surgeon based in Abuja also performs lip reduction surgeries.

In Owerri, Dr Okpara, performs lip reduction surgery in FMC Owerri and other private health facilities (based on your choice).

There are also plastic surgeons for lip reduction surgery in Enugu and Port Harcourt.

This article on lip reduction surgery in Ghana and Nigeria including cost will be updated from time to time.

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