Registered Nurses Salary Scale in all the 55 African Countries. How much salary does nurses earn in Africa?

Nurses are an integral part of a countries health sector and their renumeration should also be a topic of discussion especially in Africa where nurses are few in number, underappreciated and grossly poorly paid inspite of their huge contribution to patient care. Apart from poor salaries, Africa is the only continent in the world with the least number of nurses and also the least number of institutions for nursing training like school of nursing and midwifery and citadel of higher learning for nursing. However, not to derail, the purpose of this article is to look into how much nurses actually nurses actually earn in salaries monthly in Africa.

Today, yours sincerely,, have decided to do some deep research into registered nurses salary in the 55 African countries while making comparison with what their counterparts earn in developed countries like USA, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands etc.

Each African country salary for nurses for will be pegged in United states dollars for ease of comparison.

At the each of their article, you should be able to know the following

🗣 The highest paying countries for nurses in Africa

🗣 The lowest or least paying countries for nurses in Africa.

🗣 Compare and contrast how much the big three African countries like Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt pay their nurses and midwives.

Registered Nurses Salary Scale in all the 55 African Countries.

1. Algeria: A senior nurse in Algeria earns about 173,000 DZD ($1300) every month. This is huge in dollars but the hyper inflation in Algeria makes the salary too small for nurses.

2. Angola: A senior nurse in Angola is paid 212, 000 AOA ($324) monthly. This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits plus tax.

3. Benin Republic: A Nurse in Benin Republic typically earns around 328,000 XOF ($60) per month.

4. Botswana: A Staff Nurse in Botswana typically earns around 9,490 BWP ($870) per month. Salaries range from 5,130 BWP (lowest) to 14,300 BWP (highest).

5. Burkina Faso: In Burkina Faso, a nurse earns an average of 320,000 XOF ($585) monthly.

6. Burundi: A senior nurse in Burundi earns 1,140,000 Burundi francs ($581) monthly and this is before tax… considering the inflation rate in Burundi, nurses are poorly paid in Burundi.

7. Cameroon: Nurses and doctors in Cameroon have been going on incessant strike actions over poor pay, lack of basic health facilities and low health budget. A nurse in Cameroon is paid about 444,000 Central African Franc monthly which is an equivalent of $815 monthly.

Registered Nurses Salary Scale in all the 55 African Countries
Registered Nurses Salary Scale in all the 55 African Countries.

8. Cape Verde: In Cape Verde, a nurse earns an average of 197,000 CVE ($2,150) monthly.

9. Central African Republic: Right now, Central African Republic (CAR) is bedeviled with ethno-religious war with unstable government and you find very few doctors and nurses there. Nurses and doctors in CAR more or less works for the united Nations….a nurse in Central African Republic earns an salary of 418,000 XAF ($767) monthly.

10. Chad:The Republic of Chad recently lost their strongman president in the warfront(as reported) and the country is quite unstable. A registered nurse in Tchad is paid 381,000 XAF ($700) monthly.

11. Comoros: The Comoros,officially the Union of the Comoros,is an island country in the Indian Ocean, at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel off the eastern coast of Africa. A registered nurse in Comoros is paid 234,000 KMF ($575) monthly.

12. Congo: a registered nurse in Democratic Republic of Congo earns an average salary of 367,000 CDF ($183) monthly.

13. Ivory Coast: A very senior registered nurse in Côte d’Ivoire earns about 495,787 CFA ($908) monthly.

14. Djibouti: A registered nurses in Djibouti typically earns an average salary of 208,000 DJF ($1,170) monthly. This includes housing, transport, health allowances.

15. Egypt: The average salary range for a Registered Nurse is between EGP 100,450 and EGP 175,392. That is around $6500 – $12,000 yearly before tax deductions. Egypt don’t pay nurses and doctors well.

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16. Equatorial Guinea: In Equatorial Guinea, the average salary of a registered nurse or midwife is about 465,000 XAF ($860) monthly.

17. Eritrea: Eritea is a country that broke away from Ethiopia in the 90s and they are still grappling with nationhood. A nurse in Eritea earns about 6700 ERN monthly.

18. Ethiopia: In Ethiopia, a nurse in Ethiopia earns an average of 8,590 ETB which is an equivalent of $204 monthly.

19. Gabon: The average monthly salary of a registered nurse or registered midwife in Gabon is around 425,000 XAF ($780).

20. Gambia: In Gambia, a senior nurse earns an average of 15,400 GMD ($300) per month.

21. Ghana: For registered nurses Ghana, they are not really well paid and their salaries are based on their level of learning and experience. On the normal, registered nurses in Ghana earn between $300 – $400 monthly and between $3,600 and $4,800 yearly. However, this is only after-tax deductions and levies. Normally, this salary should be great for monthly survival, but the high cost of living and utilities has forced many nurses in Ghana to take up a second job to make ends meet.

22. Guinea: In Guinea, a nurse is paid an average salary of 5,020,000 GNF ($505) monthly.

23. Guinea-Bissau: a nurse in Guinea Bissau earns an average salary of 340,000 XOF monthly, an equivalence of $622 in United States Dollars.

24. Kenya: Nurses in Kenya have been agitating for better pay for many years through their union-the Kenya National Union Of Nurses (KNUN). The seemingly endless industrial actions called by KNUN have resulted in needless deaths as county governments remain unmoved by the nurses’ plight. A Nurse in Kenya typically earns around 142,000 Ksh per month. Salaries range from 91,100 Ksh (lowest average) to 273,000 Ksh (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher) according salaryexplorer.

25. Lesotho: How much does nurses in Lesotho? Well, a nurse in Lesotho earns about 9,640 LSL ($682) per month.

26. Liberia: The highest paid nurses in Liberia is paid 88,500 LRD ($515) most monthly.

27. Libya: Right now, Libya is a failed state following the fall of Ghadaffi… and the good pay healthworkers enjoyed while he was in the helms of affairs of the Libyan state died with him. Now, a midwife OR nurse in Libya earns about 2,220 LYD ($498) per month. This is small when you put the insecurity and hyperinflation into consideration.

28. Madagascar: The only thing you know about Madagascar should not be the failed COVID organics for coronavirus… They have long moved on from that are now strongly abide by the WHO protocols for covid19 treatment, eradication and prevention. Nurses in Madagascar are still poorly paid. A nurse in Madagascar earns about 1,270,000 MGA ($338) monthly.

29. Malawi: The highest paid nurse in Malawi earns about 310,000 MWK ($385) monthly.

30. Mali: A nurse in Mali earns about 275,000 XOF ($495) monthly.

31. Mauritania: A registered nurse is paid about 15,800 MRO ($440) monthly in Mauritania

32. Mauritius: A registered nurse in Mauritius earns around 34,800 MUR ($8,570) monthly. Mauritius pays nurses the highest Salary in Africa.

33. Morocco: A nurse in Morocco earns about 16,000 MAD ($1,800) monthly.

34. Mozambique: A registered nurse in Mozambique is paid about 40,000 MZN ($660) monthly.

35. Namibia: A registered nurse or midwife in Namibia earns about 21,700 NAD ($1,500) monthly…. Namibia seems to have the highest salary for nurses in Africa. But you will have to consider the inflation rate in Namibia though.

36. Niger: A nurse in the Republic of Niger earns about 250,000 XOF ($460) monthly.

37. Nigeria: Generally, the salary structure for Nurses is based on two main standards: Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS) which is for hospitals nurses and Consolidated University Academic structure (CONAUSS) for Nurses in the academic sector (nurse teachers). A senior nurse in the teaching hospital (chief nursing officer) in Nigeria earns around #400,000 Naira ($1,000) monthly before tax. Entry level level for young nurses most government hospitals is about #100,000 Naira ($250). Nurses salary in Nigeria is quite notorious encouraging considering the current inflation rate and what their counterparts earn abroad…

38. Rwanda: The health sector is Rwanda is bedeviled with incessant strike actions by nurses and doctors over poor salaries and shortage of staff. A person working in Nursing in Rwanda typically earns around 669,000 RWF ($665) per month before tax.

39. Sao Tome and Principe: The average salary of a nurse in Sao Tome and Principe is 6,750,000 STD ($325) monthly.

40. Senegal: A nurse or midwife earns about 338,000 XOF ($625) monthly.

41. Seychelles: A registered nurse in Seychelles earns about 19,000 SCR monthly which is equivalent to $1,210 monthly.

42. Sierra Leone: A nurse in Sierra Leone earns about 4,330,000 SLL ($422) monthly.

43. Somalia: Somalia is a war torn country still striving to attain nationhood. Nurses and doctors in this country are more or less paid by NGOs and the salary is quite meagre.

44. South Africa: According to, in South Africa, entry level nurses take home just over R12,000 per month (US$850), translating to R144,000 ($9,934.32) annually. This amount includes transport, house allowance and other benefits. Experience also determines how much a nurse is paid.

45. Sudan: Nurses earn about 36,200 ($88) SDG monthly in Sudan.

46. South Sudan: South Sudan is a failed state don’t forget that and save for NGOs, the country’s government can hardly pay health workers including nurses. A nurse in South Sudan earns a meagre salary of 35,200 SDG ($86) monthly and pay is never regular with hyperinflation. That means a nurse in Doubt Sudan is paid $1,032 monthly. Sudan Sudan pays the least salary to nurses and doctors in Africa and even globally…

47. Swaziland: Swaziland is a small country that runs a monarchy system of government. A nurses in Swaziland earns a monthly salary of about 4,350 SZL ($305.

48. Tanzania: From the denial of coronavirus by no other person other than the Tazanian govt, it became clear to all that Tazania as a country does not take health serious and this will tell on the remuneration of health workers in the country. A nurse in Tanzania earns a meagre salary of 1,220,000 TZS ($526) monthly.

49. Togo: A nurse in Togo earns a monthly salary of 509,000 XOF ($936).

50. Tunisia: In Tunisia, a nurse is paid 2,970 TND ($1,081) monthly.

51. Uganda: An enrolled nurse in Uganda earns about USh 4,913,176 ($1,381) monthly. Salary scale for medical workers in Uganda will be discussed in another article.

52. Zambia: in Zambia, a nurse earns 5,800 ZMK ($260) monthly.

53. Zimbabwe: Healthworkers have been demanding salaries in foreign currency, citing the collapse of Zimbabwe’s newly reintroduced currency. After a decade of dollarisation, Zimbabwe last year reintroduced its currency but it has been losing value rapidly against major currencies with its attendant economic hardship. Even with a 50 percent increase in nurses salary in the South African country, the money has almost totally lost its value as a legal tender.

According to the Zimbabwe Nurses Association secretary general Enock Dongo, the least-paid nurses were earning a net monthly salary of 2,000 Zimbabwe dollars (US$4) and begged to govt to pay nurses salaries that can compete both in the local and the international currency market.


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