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How to use Alomo bitters, Action bitters, Yoyo bitters and Goko Cleanser for weight loss

How to use Alomo bitters, Action bitters, Yoyo bitters, ruzu bitters, orijin bitters and Goko Cleanser for weight loss.

Both action bitters , yoyo bitters, goko cleanser, and alomo bitters are all herbal and alcoholic bitters…and they have no effect on weight loss..

That is to say;

Goko herbal cleanser cannot be used for weight loss neither does it burn fat

Alomo bitters cannot be used for weight loss neither does it burn fat.

Yoyo bitters cannot be used for weight loss neither does it burn fat

Action bitters cannot be used for weight loss neither does it burn fat

None of these bitters can be used to reduce weight…

You really want to reduce weight? There is no short cut to this ….Use of goko cleanser , action bitters, alomo bitters , and yoyo bitters will not help you achieve your desired body weight , shape, or size.

How to use Alomo bitters, Action bitters, Yoyo bitters and Goko Cleanser for weight loss

Losing weight is something lots of people find to be a difficult task.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

It just takes time & following some simple methods.

There are more “diets” out there than are possible to count.

They’ll all vary & claim to have the “magic effect” others don’t.

The truth of it is all “diets” are only as good for as long as they’re followed.

A change of lifestyle is what is ultimately needed.

What you eat isn’t anywhere near as important as HOW MUCH you eat.

Daily calorie intake is what dictates the gaining or losing of weight.

Consistently eating at a small but manageable deficit is the key to losing weight.

What makes a small deficit?

Using a calculator is the easiest way.

Complete the fields & it will calculate your “Total Daily Energy Expenditure”

This is how many calories you burn roughly on a daily basis.

Subtract 200-500 calories from this & you have your deficit.


Daily exercise is important when trying to lose weight.


It should never be the primary method of losing weight.
You cannot our train a bad diet or over eating.

Exercises should be a supplementary tool.

The best exercises for losing weight?

The ones you enjoy doing.

There’s little point forcing yourself through hours of things you don’t like doing.

They’re not things you will stick to or find to be a positive experience.

A personal favourite of mine is walking.

It’s something almost anyone can do, requires nothing but some comfy clothes & it lasts as long as you want it to.

10,000 steps a day is a number noted by doctors & others in the health sector.

There is a reason, it’s not random.

10k steps a day will burn on average approximately 500 calories.

500 calories per day over 7 days is 3500 calories.

3500 calories burnt is equally to 1lb of body weight.

10k steps might be a stretch to begin with but you will get fitter & lose weight as time goes on.

In order to lose weight & keep it off it needs to be done over time.

Not in weeks but months & even years.

This is why consistent is key.

Regular exercise as a part of your lifestyle.

Eating at a calorie deficit for an extended period of time.

The body will adapt but only when it begins to think something is going to last long enough for it to be worth changing.

Only once it is exposed to moving more often & eating less for long enough will it change.

Weight loss is a long term commitment.

Final note:
As previously mentioned the choices you make need to be things you can stick to for the long haul.

Eat food you enjoy.
Choose exercises you enjoy.

Losing weight should be a happy & positive process.

Not something negative & difficult.

One missed workout won’t derail weeks of walks or exercise.

One unplanned meal or day eating over your calorie goals won’t make you fat.

Everything should be a lifestyle & not a “diet”

Keep things simple & enjoy the process.

Summary: Weight loss is a very tough road that requires discipline….alcoholic bitters like yoyo bitters, action bitters, orijin bitters, goko herbal cleanser, ruzu bitters, and alomo bitters cannot cause weight loss or burn fat. Thank you.

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