can moringa cure watery sperm?

I see a lot of quacks treating people for ‘watery sperm’.

Kindly note that immediately after ejaculation , semen appears viscous and sticky. It subsequently undergoes ‘liquefaction’ and becomes more fluidy during which time the sperm in the semen swim up the female genital tract.

can moringa cure watery sperm?
Watery sperm and moringa…any relationship?

Sometimes the semen can be seen flowing out of the woman vagina and this is absolutely normal. It’s DOES NOT mean that the sperm cells are not on their way to fertilize the woman’s eggs. And shouldn’t be a cause of worry for the couple.

When in doubt of the male fertility profile, see your Urologist. We will discuss and examine the man including his genitalia. We will also check his hormones and his Seminal Fluid. Then we can tell if there are issues that need to be addressed.

Desist from taking unsolicited advice from quacks . They cause more harm than good.

can moringa cure watery sperm?

Moringa and moringa products does not has any relationship with watery sperm ….moringa does not thicken sperm or make it strong. Moringa has no effect on spermatozoa , sexual health, and fertility ..don’t waste your time and money looking for solutions where there is none. Meanwhile there is nothing like watery sperm and stop patronizing quacks. I know moringa is seen as a wonder herb by many persons especially Indians and Africans but forget it, it does not work and not a sperm thickener.



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