Where can a microbiologist work in Nigeria? Is microbiology marketable in Nigeria?

Let us talk about the job opportunities available to a microbiology graduate or a microbiologist in Nigeria.

I really wish I can make a thread on the enormous benefits of being a microbiologist in the Nigerian context today. There is this believe that most microbiology graduates end up selling wares, makeup kits, banker and co.

Where can a microbiologist work in Nigeria?
Where can a microbiologist work in Nigeria?

Apparently, it’s an issue of a misplaced system. The contribution of microbiology to national wealth is enormous and countless. If you are a student of microbiology in a Nigerian university, do not give up; infact you are in the right route to safe lives and contribute to the development of the world at large.

Jobs directly related to your degree as a microbiologist include:
-Academic researcher
-Biomedical scientist
-Clinical research associate
-Clinical scientist, immunology
-Food technologist
-Public health analyst
-Water quality scientist
-Clean energy
-Environmental assessment
– Consulting et al

Certified clinical microbiologist are lab managers and are responsible for the Med Lab scientists abroad.

According to a microbiologist;’the system is so faulty, i remember doing my youth service in a public health laboratory and seeing my colleagues who studied medical lab sciences treated better than i. Sigh! I was almost giving up thinking i chose the wrong career path, the anxiety from not finding a job nor a scholarship to do a research master.”

According to scientist who spoke on the career path of a microbiologist in Nigeria; he said: “Of course there are many jobs associated with microbiology but, Nigeria as a nation has failed to prove itself as an appropriate environment to explore these fields.

It’s really sad. Only the few ones who were fortunate to further abroad have sweeter stories to tell”

Is microbiology marketable in Nigeria?

See, the truth is, just like every developing countries, the opportunities available for microbiogist in Nigeria is still limited but has however gotten better over the years…but the career path of a microbiologist in Nigeria is still quite difficult. I won’t deceive you.

Can a microbiologist work in NNPC?

Of course yes…petrochemical corporations like NNPC, Chevron, Mobile and other oil companies do often require the services of a microbiologist. A microbiogist is not restricted to work in hospitals, laboratories, universities (teaching jobs) and diagnostic centres alone. Microbiologist can work anywhere including banks and breweries.

Wrtten by Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi, Ph.D

With contributions from www.nimedhealth.com.ng and Dr Udomoh


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