Does Maggi cubes make your buttocks bigger?

Stop pumping seasoning cubes into your rectum to widen your buttocks. It is not safe.

Women inject this cubes with the hope that the salt and oil content will expand their tissues behind making them appear larger and rounder

It can lead to hypertension and heart failure.

If you crush the seasoning cubes which contains largely salt and inject it into your rectum, the lining of the anus would absorb a huge portion of that salt into your bloodstream.

Excess salt in the bloodstream is a major contributor to hypertension, especially in Africans. A person, in theory, can develop hypertension from this practice.

Somebody said you all had no idea until my post so I should delete. I can’t post the video here due to Medico-legal reasons.

All I’m concerned about is the health of those who are doing it. I didn’t write this with the intention to teach women how to inject seasoning cubes. Thanks.

This is a video showing a documentary of some Congolese women use maggi cubes for buttocks enlargement…it however does not work and has numerous health hazards.

Does Maggi cubes make your buttocks bigger?

No…injecting maggi cubes like Knorr, chicken stock and other seasoning cubes into your buttocks throug the rectum with the aim of making them bigger is a complete waste of time and an aberration in medicine or science.The health hazards are too numerous to list out…some however, are: gluteal abscess, hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, tissue damage, cellulitis, cardiac arrest , stroke, anal fissure, fistula in ano, rectal tear, necrotizing enterocolitis, necrotising fasciitis, gluteal fat necrosis, pain, thromboembolism, sciatic nerve damage , paralysis and even death.

Silas Joy, MD

Dr Udomoh


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