Does Cypri Gold make someone sleep?

I recently discovered my persons use cypri hold syrup or cypri gold caplets for sleep…I was very much surprised to found out many mothers give their babies cypri gold to make them sleep.

You doubt me, here are some of the comments about cypri gold I found on Twitter. Cypri gold syrup is now practically a sleeping medicine to users.

Does Cypri Gold make someone sleep?

Take me down

Merry Christmas to those celebrating.
For broke guys like me, I’m taking 10 caplets of Cypri Gold. I wanna wake up next year.

Ramsey Nouah

I told someone to recommend me sleeping pills..he told me to go and take cypri gold and I would sleep like a baby.

Nurse Preccy

Do u know what annoys me most, when I take cypri gold to help me eat,I end up sleeping till morning and I won’t still eat, am like what’s in my stomach right now.

Does Cypri Gold make someone sleep?
Does Syrup Cypri Gold make someone drowsy?


Can’t wait to be done with all my orders today so I can take Cypri gold to get drowsy and sleep my eyes out.

Double joy

Sleep isn’t coming and it’s going to be a busy day. Someone should help me get cypri gold or super apeti…I need to sleep and snore.

Empress Dominica

Mothers who give their babies “Apetamin”, Cypri Gold and other kinds of sleep inducing drugs just so that they can be “free”, what exactly is your problem?

Some people aren’t fit to be parents honestly, if you can’t stand the night watches and frequent attention why not use CD?


My sis came to drop her 3 children in the house…omo these children can disturb. I just ate finish….all of them as they jumping up and down…as they are busy crying … I pour 5ml 5ml of cypri gold in their mouth..they are already sleeping. pharm Ruth..1


My mum made me drink cypri gold syrup while i was younger because I refused to fall asleep in the afternoon


I’ve been on cypri gold syrup just to be able to fall asleep through the boredom. Sleep, wake, eat, gist with whoever is around, read a novel I’ve read countless times, sleep again. Generator yaff pack up, so I only get to charge in the night when my neighbour’s generator is on

Cypri gold is not for eating and falling asleep. Those are just side effects of the syrup. Cypri gold Tablet is used for the treatment, control, prevention, & improvement of the following diseases, conditions and symptoms: Seasonal allergies, Allergic reactions, Mild and uncomplicated hives!

Pls don’t abuse cyprohetadine, it can give you anaphylactic shock. Drug abuse is dangerous.


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